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Money is so hard to give away – Lessons from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet

Heard @ a dinner address tonight :

Bill Gates amassed such a fortune which at one time was valued at almost US$100billion.

When one such as Bill comes to such a level, you can only imagine that money starts to lose it’s meaning.

So what did Bill decide to do as the world’s richest man?

Bill Gates

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Bribing your way through the N.S. highway

“Good afternoon sir!” The traffic police officer beamed as I lowered my car window.

“erm… hi.” I replied flatly. Not feeling too friendly since I just got flagged down at the police roadblock, as usual.

“Yes sir, our cameras caught you speeding @ 121km/h near the 71 marker.” The policeman continued almost enthusiatically.

And then he paused, staring intently @ me with his eyebrows raised.

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Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

Found this amazing clip thanks to co-sojourner Ross from Quotes in Can

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Are you travelling with your burdens?

Petrol prices have more than doubled in recent years. And my car is a real guzzler.

I remember there was once I had this super heavy luggage bag @ the back of my car and it was so heavy I was just lazy to get it out…. put it off for weeks literally.

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When do your accidents happen?

I’ve clocked more than 200,000km in mileage to date.

Don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud to say this – but I’ve only ever had 3 accidents in my driving career.

But I’m definitely ashamed to say that…

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One Wrong Turn

Ever made a wrong turn on the highway?

Outcome can be disasterous, right?

I have made many wrong turns which resulted in more than 1 hour detours … man.

The sinking feeling….

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Slow… and steady

Continuing on yesterday’s topic of the fast lane – Have you noticed in some highway jams it’s usually the fast lane that gets jammed up first?

Well, at least it’s true where I drive 🙂

So imagine you are cruising along the highway of life and you see all these people whizzing past you on the fast lane.

Better jobs, nicer cars, bigger houses.


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