The beginning..

First of all, let me welcome you my fellow co-sojourner on this highway of life!

Before I start to share with you the many lessons I have learnt, let’s talk about how it all started. Get comfortable cause we’re gonna be on this journey together for a little while, I hope?

The highway reflects life in so many ways, don’t you think?! The colors, the variations, the journeying, the people, and THE WAY PEOPLE BEHAVE ON THE ROAD!!

Do you sometimes wonder at yourself when you see people whizzing past on the fast lane? People getting ahead at tremendous – many times ‘illegal’ – speeds while you’re just going by routinely? People all choose the kinda speed and pace they wanna go in life, don’t we all?

Exit after exit, people come and go on the highway of life. Some will exit on ‘retirement’, ‘sickness’, and ‘death’, while other will enter the ‘race’ through the highway exit of ‘graduation’, ‘successful job application’, and ‘marriage’. Different people enter and exit on this highway of life, where will your exit be?
Let’s take another perspective and imagine this highway is YOUR LIFE, and these people around you are all co-sojourners with you on your journey of life. They come and go, some alongside, some faster, and some slower. Some support you from behind, while others lead the way in front. Some will exit your highway on ‘graduation’ and ‘migration’, while others will join you on ‘new job’ and maybe even ‘new born’. This is your journey. And people will come and go on YOUR HIGHWAY.

Another way I like to reflect on this is people’s behaviour on the road. I’ve heard it said that the way people drive is a pretty good reflection on how they approach other things in life. Fully agreed! I have like 1,000 stories to tell on people’s driving behaviours and how that reflects on their attitudes towards other things in life!

Traffic accidents, road behaviours, so many stories I look forward to be sharing with you my fellow co-sojourner!

Don’t exit so early, please?

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