One Wrong Turn

Ever made a wrong turn on the highway?

Outcome can be disasterous, right?

I have made many wrong turns which resulted in more than 1 hour detours … man.

The sinking feeling….

How true that is of life sometimes?

One wrong turn – set our entire life in another direction.

Coming back to the original path can be soooo difficult.

Many will just stay the detoured course and end up somewhere else totally.

But of course most importantly, you have to decide where you are going in the first place.

Else what of wrong turns if you don’t even know where you were going in the first place.

Sometimes I think I know where I want to go in life, sometimes I don’t.


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4 responses to “One Wrong Turn

  1. ya ya ya! i made a wrong turn. wasted 2.5 prime years of my life in the wrong course in uni!

    but i quit.

    the hardest thing, i suppose, is to admit that u are on the wrong path, and to turn back to start all over.

    but now im sure of where i wanna go. hope u will find ur direction too! 🙂

  2. yo yo yo! First of all, thanks for commenting on my blog! You’re the first! LOL

    Powerful thing you said there about denial.. I should blog about it… when I find mine direction!

    Anyways, congrats that you’ve found your path and all the best to you!

    Cya around 🙂

  3. SM

    What if that “wrong turn” was actually the right one? I feel that all these challenges we face are purposeful. How we deal with them, on the other hand, is up to us.

  4. SM – I like your comments.

    I believe the word for what you are describing is called “precession”. Should blog about it one day too…

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