Slow… and steady

Continuing on yesterday’s topic of the fast lane – Have you noticed in some highway jams it’s usually the fast lane that gets jammed up first?

Well, at least it’s true where I drive 🙂

So imagine you are cruising along the highway of life and you see all these people whizzing past you on the fast lane.

Better jobs, nicer cars, bigger houses.


They all got caught in that highway jam and suddenly you found that you’ve overtaken them when they just whizzed past you only 10 mins ago.

Such is life. Slow and steady wins the race, at least this time.

I can’t help but think of the early dotcom days where people got into the get-rich-quick frenzy and everyone was jumping onto the bandwagon.

I know Tom quit his $250,000 lawyer job to join a startup in pursuit of his dotcom dream.

And then it all came crashing down.

We still hear of dotcom-like success stories today – youtube, feedburner, etc.

But they are few and far in between, like 1 outta a billion?

There are many ‘heroes’ who are just ordinary folks, like you and I, who will probably never taste the phenomenal success of the YouTube founders.

Everyone makes a choice what pace they wanna go in life.

To me, I think the most important is to make a choice instead of just cruising along because you don’t know better.

Have you made your choice today?

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