Are you travelling with your burdens?

Petrol prices have more than doubled in recent years. And my car is a real guzzler.

I remember there was once I had this super heavy luggage bag @ the back of my car and it was so heavy I was just lazy to get it out…. put it off for weeks literally.

I didn’t really feel it normally, but my car didn’t drive like it should at times – especially when climbing steep slopes with full passenger load, it literally crawled.

Petrol bills were up by 20-30%.

I had more problems going past customs cause immigration officers were more suspicious with that huge load in my boot.

It does cost you more to move around with your baggages in your boot, at least in my case.

Are you carrying too much excess baggage in your journey of life today?

Sometimes I think I do.

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7 responses to “Are you travelling with your burdens?

  1. Highway,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment at On The Road. Good luck with your new blog. The theme is very interesting. If you are looking for more ‘highway’ themes to explore, try Josh Lane’s in which he travels the US photography the scenery and commenting on what he finds.

    See you again,

  2. Sorry, that comment got scrambled. the url for Josh’s site is The HOV Lane

  3. Wow Camile.. thanks for the visiting and resource link, will definitely check it out!

  4. Wow this one is an insightful post. Some burdens are easy to shake off, yet we dont bother to shake them off. But some burdens, it’s like the luggage have legs. you take it out, it goes back in again. How do you explain that?

  5. @Ruler : I can’t explain it, coz there’s so many ways to look at life. I believe you have the answers within you, I’m not here to give all the answers, but to make you think – what are the excess baggages in your life today?
    But if I can give a take on your “luggages with legs”, I would have to
    say : “Lock your boot, and keep the carkeys safe”?
    🙂 Thanks for the comment

  6. If I have all the answers inside of me, or within me, if I’ve gotten it all perfect already, I wouldn’t need to be trying so hard to figure out so many things in life!

  7. @Ruler – I still believe you have all the answers inside of you, just need to know how to access them. Hopefully my blog will help you a little.

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