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Dying soon

What if you know that you only have 1 year left to live, nevermind if it’s the doctor or the fortune teller, but given that you know this is a very real possibility and reality, what would you do?

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1, 911

Today marks the first month anniversary of this blog.

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Life is a Journey

All of life is a journey – which paths we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination, what kind of road we will take to get there, and how happy we are when we get there. – Anonymous

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Life on the fast lane

I love driving on the fast lane.

I love whizzing past cars.

But the fast lane is not for everybody.

And it’s not for me when I am not alert.

Coz others will tailgate me the moment I’m slightly less alert.

I will get in the way of others if I don’t plan to be fast.

Afterall, it’s called the fast lane right?

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World’s First Interview of Mrs Bin Laden

Revealed in the world’s first full interview: The bizarre world of Mrs Bin Laden

by JENNY JOHNSTON – Last updated at 21:10pm on 13th July 2007

Heavens, what a mess. The new Mrs Bin Laden is about to board a flight out of the UK, and it’s not going according to plan. First, our telephone interview is abruptly halted when the police “would like a word” with her. “Gotta go, I think I am being questioned,” snaps Jane Felix-Browne, and the line goes dead.

Ten minutes later, she is back – minus her passport and boarding pass, apparently – and reading aloud from a card that has been kindly handed to her, presumably by some men with large guns.

“Under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act, it is your duty to be truthful… you must provide any documents, passports… blah blah blah… you are not under arrest,” she reads.

Woah! Hold on. Is she being detained? On what grounds? Surely even she wouldn’t be daft enough to put her married name on her passport?

Jane Felix-BrowneJane Felix-Browne: The new Mrs Bin Laden

She sounds irritated rather than concerned. “It’s a formality. I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve had this before. Let’s keep talking until they come back.”

However, we are again interrupted – this time by a choking sound that cuts her off in mid-sentence. Whatever now?

Has she been marched away in handcuffs? Strangled? Wrestled to the ground by a fellow passenger who took issue with the family name?

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Don’t get caught speeding

What’s your speed today?

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Friday the 13th!

I didn’t realise it’s Friday 13th until my client told me he don’t wanna sign contract today.

Friday 13th

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