1,001 thoughts

Woots, I’m reaching the 1,000 hits marker soon!

I know it’s low for many of you super bloggers out there reading this but I kinda race towards it with mixed feelings.

Excited because it’s only around 2 weeks into my first blog with minimal effort and publicity as a closet blogger – so it really means something.

Apprehensive as the blog progresses to the next level and I must decide how to grow it and how much effort I wanna commit.

1,001 clicks as a coming reality

1,001 thoughts going through my mind

1,001 co-sojourners?

YOU are what it’s all about.

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6 responses to “1,001 thoughts

  1. Wah! I got 1000 hits only after 8 months leh. You super ar. hehe….

  2. really ah? it’s a real honour coming from the great eastcoastlife hot mama blogger! 🙂

  3. xinyun

    *blog browsing / peeping*

    hello highway 🙂

  4. hi hi xinyun, thanks for dropping by 🙂 *waves*

  5. A great accomplishment! You’re doing much better than I am.

  6. thanks neoauteur – I’m sure you’re just being modest!

    Hey, 1,000 already! Hurray!?

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