Ping.Sg Highway crosses the ONE milestone

This post is special and it’s dedicated to Ping.Sg for crossing the 1 milestone, for turning one year old as the Singaporean de facto blog superhighway.

Milestones are important in any journey.

They tell you how far you’ve come, and gives you an idea how far more to your destination.

One year is a long time in cyberspace, you can almost compare it to 10 years or more in real life.It is an important milestone and way deserving of congratulations indeed.

To mark this occasion, a special awards has been planned for most entertaining blog/post, most interactive blog/post, etc.

How apt!

The nominations have been made and the votes made. The results have been tallied and will be announced after 07/07/07 at the awards night.

I for one was amongst the very first to give my votes.

Too bad I’m only a 2-3 weeks old blog – long way to go for any nominations 🙂 if I will ever bag any in the first place.

I wonder if I will still be around for the next anniversary, the next milestone.

Not that I plan to stop blogging, but whether God will allow me to continue living.

To all Pingsters nominated, I wish you all the best in the awards!

To all Pingsters attending the awards night, enjoy the party!

I regret to inform you that I won’t be attending the function since I’m well, a closet blogger.

If God willing, I might attend the event in one to two years? 😀

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2 responses to “Ping.Sg Highway crosses the ONE milestone

  1. DK

    Wah… you not coming? Aiyo.

    You can come and just don’t tell us that you are highway mah. right? 😛

    OK OK, next year must come lah. 😀

  2. haha… maybe you see me there as someone else? lol

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