Brand new Ferraris! Something’s missing?

Singaporeans are one of the fastest growing millionaires in the world, according a well-respected report that’s been circulating around the internet recently.

Imagine you were one of these millionaires and you spent a bomb to buy a nice million $ Ferrari (yes, that’s how much these babies cost over here, millions)

Many Ferraris

And when the Ferrari salesman hand you the keys, you plug in the key and crank up your new babe.

…. grrr ehhhh ehheheh.

…. grrr ehhhh.

… gurrr plurp.

Something’s wrong with your brand new Ferrari.

Oh, there’s no fuel. It’s empty. Duh.

So what if you have a million dollars of a car but you are running on empty?


Are you running on empty today?

Is it time to refuel and recharge?

Taking this further, How do we recharge and refuel in our own lives?

Friends @ Microsoft tell me that Bill Gates instituted a Microsoft “Think Day” where all staff are mandated to go on a retreat and think. Think big. Reflect. Innovate. Just slow down, and think.

I know for Bill Gates himself he takes a few thousand memos in a few specific areas that he wants to think about, healthcare research top on his list, goes away to think, and comes back more charged up than ever to make a difference in the world we live in. Such impact and power he brings.

And his secret? He refuels and recharges regularly.

Maybe it’s time we learn to refuel and recharge regularly?

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