What is a co-sojourner?

“There’s something absolutely magical and beautiful about sharing something with someone you don’t know. And I don’t mean sharing a pen or a pencil, or something of that sort. I’m talking about sharing something intimate like an umbrella. ”

We are all on a journey on the highway of life.

People come and go. As long as they’ve shared a part of the journey with us, they are our co-sojourners.

Some go a long way with us – our loved ones, friends, colleagues, and more.

But eventually, the terrible ‘S’ hits us all – separation.

There are many who come and go in an instance. These are co-sojourners too, even if they’ve touched your lives in just one moment and then disappear forever.

Estee posted a great story that I thought illustrates quite well what that last kind of co-sojourner can feel like.

The excerpt in the opener is from her story. Check it out 🙂



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3 responses to “What is a co-sojourner?

  1. denise67

    Unavoidably, co-sojourners do come and go. What we can do is cherish every moment that we’ve shared and keep it in our memory. Though I don’t know you much, yet I cherish a friend that taking his pricious time to read my posts. Thanks ya.

  2. @denise67 – you are a co-sojourner indeed. A very special one whom we met online, through our blogs, with some goals shared, and same favourite number 67 😀

    I cherish this friendship indeed 🙂

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