“how to run away from life”

“how to run away from life”

“litters to life is a highway”

“I wanna run go away with you”

“I wanna run wanna run away”

These are some search terms people used on search engines to get to my blog.

It kinda took me by surprise that people actually google/yahoo these phrases.

I hope you managed to find some answers here, my fellow co-sojourners who seem lost.

Even though our encounter may be brief, you are still my co-sojourner in some way.

I hope you managed to find something in this blog, answers that you’re looking for.

Feel free to write me if you need more help.

You can get me @ highway2life@gmail.com

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29 responses to ““how to run away from life”

  1. ismsarebad

    Wow. I don’t know you, and I didn’t even reach your site by those phrases (I found this entry through the “thoughts” tag, in case you were wondering) but after reading this, you must really care about people. 😀

  2. Dear ismsarebad, I’m only a new site, less than 1 month new.

    But these are some terms people have used to find my site and it surprises me coz they seem very lost.

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. I don’t know how I stumbled onto this site, but God knows I feel really depressed and alone at the moment.
    I don’t know where to go from here. Should I jack in my dead end job and have my parents throw me out. that might be just what I need :), so that I am rid of them once and for all and can live my own life the way I want to.

    Hi TidzaBrad, thank you for stumbling upon this site and leaving your precious comment. While I do not fully understand the context of your situation, I’m thinking that you are a smart person and surely you’ll find a way out of your current rut. What you can try to do is maybe to take a more pragmatic approach, try things out, meet new people, while holding on to your current ‘dead end job’ which will pay your bills until you’ve find a journey which you want to walk. Hope that helps.

  4. rahil

    wow ..u realy have that kind of website ..
    i was just looking for a runaway image ..found you .
    yes i do wanna run away from stress,,fly away like a care free bird ..away on the mountain top.beyond that so can feel rainbow ..there i will sing songs …a place where happy people live …but i cant… i have chain on my feet .i can only roam around in my radius .a chain of responsibility ,duties ,liability ..i need a chainsaw so i could be free …free as an air ..a key to the lock ….a key to success..
    i will focus and work hard to get that key …a need support …

  5. dmf

    I want to run. My life is depressing and I feel closed in. I do not have a lot of money left. I do not feel like going on anymore. I have lost everything.

  6. sunriseinvietnam

    Just a stop-by through Twitter clue of a following person. Just a quick thought in a very busy morning.

    I used to be in the same situation. The best lesson I’ve learnt is:

    – Always living up to your dreams by pragmatic approach, like struggling hard to reach the top level of your profession, within your own capacity, so that you can live on the job that you love. Don’t choose the job that you hate though it produces some good money. That way never works well for me longer than some months.

    – Problems in relationships with others can only be solved by understanding yourself, thus the ways you conduct your relationships with others and their outcomes or consequences. While selfishness rarely brings about good results in relationships, some level of awaring of your own needs and bottom lines is critical in maintaining any healthy relationships.

    I will pray for you.

  7. ClickCluck

    running away is always fine.. provided you know that the running away is to find some personal time to sort things out…

    my experience so far is running away dont solve anything (cos you are too in the thick of it to think clearly)

    … better to find a friend (maybe here) to talk your problems out loud, hear solutions and then may be take what you feel are applicable and apply them…

    … I guess those who found this site, or come over here for whatever reasons, are DRAWN to this site for a variety of reasons, some even unknown to them… the main thing is that they are here, they can help, and they are willing to share…

    If need to run, take the scenic road!
    At least you will enjoy the view while running! 8p

  8. Listen to the lyrics… Life is beautiful!

  9. Agnes

    I would love to have a friend! I never had one- I am all alone now in my bed thinking that if I died now it would take months for someone to find my body. I have no one to call when I feel low… I know I am being responsible for this

  10. HighwayBlogger

    Hey Agnes, great to have you to pop on by, even though I don’t know you personally. I think taking responsibility is a good first step because all that is required for you to change your circumstances now is to change yourself and your attitude towards life! So don’t let life stop there in your despair, start getting out and giving of yourself, people will respond to you. If you don’t know where to start, you can always start with orphanages and elder care homes, I’ve made many friends and learnt a lot about life in these places.
    Hope that helps. And yes, I’m always an email away.

  11. vince

    My problem.
    I was 18 (now 29) I got involved with a girl. from day one we where together everyday. she would skip school come over and we would never separate. of our 11 or so years together we have fought almost everyday. I have no clue what to do as I want to be with other women, but we love each other so much that I don’t want to live her. So I cheated on her many time over the past two years. I thought if I was with other women I would get past the anger I have with her, but it didn’t help. She has no clue about what I did, but everyday we still fight. its driving me nuts. I have thoughts to just go to another state and wipe everyone from my life or just end my life. I don’t want to die, but when we fight its a thought that it seems I could act on. I am lost have no idea what step I need to take next.

  12. Agnes

    Dear Vince,
    I am exactly your age and I was in similar relationship once. You could try to talk to your partner honestly, not about your cheating but about your feelings towards her. Wait how she reacts but probably you have built so much anger and tension in your relationship that your conversation will turn into another fight.
    If honest talk won´t help leave her…
    I did exactly the same and now I am alone but I have a peace of mind. Nobody is fighting with me and vents their anger on me.
    I left him, our so called “friends” and moved to another country and somehow I am happier on my own.
    I feel terribly alone sometimes because -I never had a real friend and I thought that my partner of 12 years is my whole world. Now I know that one can be more lonely in a relationship than on one´s own. Do not forget you are very young and deserve to be happy.
    I hope I could help-I wish you luck…

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  14. Dear Agnes and Vince,

    I’d love to hook both of you up on email if you give me the permission 🙂

  15. Just me

    why is it when people think you have everything you have nothing and when some people think they have nothing they have everything……strange aint it 😦

  16. Agnes

    Dear Vince,
    I was wondering how you are. I am currently in Germany. I have met someone and I am not lonely anymore.
    I am seeing a therapist who helped me to understand my actions and feelings.
    I wish, I stayed in my country and faced my problems. I know I was too weak, tired and confused back than.
    What I realized is that : one can move to another country but one cannot run away from oneself.
    At the end of the day it is always you and your fears and bad choices you made that will haunt you eventually and your bad self esteem.
    I wish, I would react differently and be more assertive with my previous partner.
    I know that I am not the only person responsible for my bad relationship, but I am aware of mistakes I have made.
    Dear Vince, I hope that you will make better choices than myself. I hope to hear from you somehow, someway (Dear HighwayBlogger feel free to forward my email address to Vince)
    all the best to you all and thank you for reading my post

  17. still lost

    Where to begin is always the question 26 year old man…Seems like I always have this knot in my stomach to run. married 6 years and in the Army, college educated and i would say i am happy, to a certain extent.. I just have this need to run…throw everything away. I wanna hit bottom own nothing have no responsibilities and owe no one nothing lay in the street move around from place to place and never settle. every attempt to leave this world fails…………..

    • It’s not easy to consistently do the right thing all through your life. You’re 26 and probably have another 50 or more years to go, to keep being a good husband, and good father, and not leaving your wife and child in the lurch.

      I’m sure that you love your wife and child very much, and that they love you and look up to you too. Love is a solid reason to keep pressing on.

      Hope is the other reason to keep pressing on — hope that there will be a better future, and a more fulfilled life if you do.

      May you find joy in the little every day things, this will make it easier. and may you find the answers that you seek in life.

  18. rachel

    i need some advice i can no longer stand they way things are in my life i just want to take my kids and never be found run far away from my life im so sick of family coming between me and my partner its gone on to long we always end up arguing if its not my brother its someone else ive noone else to turn to please please help im desperate and other than taking my children and leaving my life behind me i dont know what to do

    • Dear Rachel,

      You may be under a lot of pressure, but I believe that you will not be crushed by these external pressures. I sense that you can be very strong and resilient, if you’re willing to be.

      It is horrible to live in the midst of arguments. Perhaps you and your partner can make a few good decisions that will change your circumstances for the better. Are you married? Are you living with your family? Are you working? Are you studying? Are you a full-time mama? Do tell us more about your situation.

  19. Done.

    I think I’m just about done with my life. I’ve had a sudden problem with my body crop up a few months ago,and it has been rapidly getting worse from the day it began. Been to the doctors,it’s always the same thing with the lot of ’em (“nothing serious,no health issues to worry about,it’s merely a change of appearance and there’s little we can do about it” etc) Yeah,it’s pretty shallow to give up on life because your appearance has changed dramatically,but the simple fact is this: I have spent every single waking second of these terrible months in pain,there’s so much agony and frustration (that I cannot do anything about it,the helplessness) that all I wish is I’d lie down and not wake up the next day. What was supposed to be a perfect start to my career has become a nightmare,because people stare at me like I was some zoo animal when I head out. I cannot bring myself to look into the mirror because I don’t see myself in there,I see a complete stranger: not a single inch of me remains the same anymore. It looks unbelievably abnormal,and yet doctors and family assure me it’s a natural thing,that I’ve got to ‘adjust’….how am I supposed to adjust to all the laughs and jeers that I hear every single time I step out? How do I accept this disgusting self as me? I cannot,I’ve tried really really hard and I cannot,so I quit. I’m through with the bullshit. I’ve no faith in a god anymore,but if there was a force out there that responds to our every thought,then here’s my challenge to you,motherfucker: I will not submit to your whims. If it intended for me to live my life out looking like this,I WILL NOT SUBMIT. I will not bow down and give in to my fate,I’ll go out with a bang and a slap on its face. I’ll quit my job and leave my life behind,and go live in a village someplace peaceful….then there’s always death,and the hope of better luck next time around.

    • Really sad to hear about your situation. I can certainly understand your anger. It is so strange that you would suddenly have a problem with your body. Is it genetically inherited?

      If I were you, I would search for someone who would love you unconditionally, and accept you wholeheartedly. I truly believe such a person exist. Don’t give up seeking.

      Do come back here and let me know if your condition gets better.

  20. Was just reading this on another blog today:

    My darkest night

    I wasn’t always a “glass full” kind of guy.

    Back in 1993, as a 21-year old, I came to a place in my life where I didn’t see a lot of point in going on. Through a series of events (of broken relationships and friendships, death, depression, dependency, and failure) that I didn’t have an ability to process healthily, I found myself one night on the side of a highway considering throwing myself in front of a truck.
    It was my Darkest Night and an experience that I know many share.
    I was unable to find a way to move forward through the mess that I faced.
    Obviously—as evidenced by the fact that I’m writing this—I didn’t act on the thoughts I was having that night. Over the days, months, and years that followed, I was gradually able to find sense in the circumstances that lead me to that place and saw my life head in a more positive direction….

    Continue reading at http://bit.ly/e0MsC9

  21. Agnes

    Hi, it is me again… I did great for a year. I have made some friends and found Love and I have never been happier… until today. My partner has been diagnosed with cancer. We are so good together- I hope his cancer won’t spread… I am trying to be brave but I am so afraid to be without him. I have never felt really loved before and I hope that God won’ t take him away from me…

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  23. Lori Blend

    I want to run away from my life. I had a dream and in this dream I was homeless. Everything i owned was in a pack on my back. I knelt by a clear deep stream, drinking the cool waters, my dog by my side, and I was happy, then I woke up.My life has been hard since I was a child, and I always seem to pull thru and get to the other side. I am so tired with people telling me I don’t know how you do it your so strong. It pisses me off now. My children’s father died on his motorcycle because of drinking and drugs. My godson died of an OD eight months later. My daugter is an addict, my oldest eloped and is struggling in NC and after 2 years of an off and on marriage she is getting divorced, she drinks way to much. My son has severe anxiety and ADD, and my youngest is prone to depression. I lived 6 years with a drunk, then 10 years with an abuser, that molest one daughter and may have touched my youngest but I have to let him have visitation????? I suffered thru torture as a child, and was told I am lucky, by my doctor, not to be multiple personality, or schizo after all my mother did. Yet the problems keep coming, when is enough enough. I say screw the saying God only gives us what we can handle, I feel picked on and I just wish I was dead instead of my ex husband, he’s the lucky one. So tired the weight of my body feels a ton, the ability to speak and think is hindered by all the uglyness thrown my way.

  24. Betty

    I’ve been married fir six years, together for 10. My husband has cheated and has a terrible drinking problem. We had a boy when we were younger and then 5 months ago had another boy. Things were getting so much better for us for awhile and then my husband sent and old girlfriend and email via Facebook and now we have some major issues that could lay ahead of us. It’s pretty complicated, but I would like to just take my two boys and run. I don’t have much money and I’m not sure where I would go, but I’m sick of being treated like crap and I deserve better but can’t seem to get away from my husband, believe me I have tried over the years and he sucks me back in every time. I have wanted to raise my kids as a family, but I can’t live like this anymore. Wish I could figure out how to leave and never come back…..

  25. Milton

    I need someone to pray for me I’m so depressed,sad and unhappy I’m married to a great woman but inside me is pain childhood pain no friends no brothers or sisters just me and there are times I want to walk out on the highway and end it all life with sadness is not worth living and I feel like going on…………..Milton

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