I caught the blog bug

Ever since I started this blog, I caught the blog bug.

Can’t stop. It’s worse than caffeine.

So I have to take it further. I have no choice. It’s killing me.

I’m gonna start tech blogging with Cnet Asia.

We’ve agreed on terms and they’re gonna get me setup in a matter of weeks.

Something different, tech blogging. Home base.

The thing is, I think it’d be time then to unveil the mask I’ve been wearing to this blog.

Why did I hide my identity in the first place?

I think when I started this, I didn’t know how far I’d go with this blogging thing. And people around do watch me.

Also wanted to blog more uninhibitedly – onus is on me not to let that stop after people know who I am.

But now that I know I’m gonna take my blogging further, I think it’s about time to take off the mask.

Of course I’ll still actively maintain this blog, so continue to watch this space 🙂

Thank you for joining me on this short journey so far, my co-sojourner.

We’re about to enter the next crossroads.

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2 responses to “I caught the blog bug

  1. xinyun

    nice, Cnet Asia 🙂

    *waiting to see highway face*

  2. @xinyun – haha.. thanks. Tech blogging is gonna something different again. I’ll definitely still continue to blog here.
    Nothing big lah.. to see me. Cobaltpaladin more interesting hehe..

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