Journey vs Destination

Which is more important on the highway of life?

Normally all we care about is the destination.

Many argue that the journey is more important.

What about you?

I for one think that both are just as important.

Destination is important else we’re just wandering around aimlessly on the highway of life.

Journey is important cause if you focus too much on the destination, you forget to slow down and “smell the flowers”.

And lose any learning in the process.

Recently I had to travel to KL from Singapore to do some work.

A fellow colleague and great buddy insisted that we should fly cause he cannot stand the 4 hours drive for 400km (the entire flying hassle also takes around 4hours BTW, my friends experimented it and I shall reserve it for another story)

I told him, “Trust me, driving is much much better than flying.
It depends on who is sharing the journey with you that makes all the difference”

In the end I prevailed and I drove the 2 of us.

We roared with laughter throughout the journey.

And what great bonding.

He raved about the journey to friends for another few weeks.

Found out that actually he resisted driving to KL for the past 10 years because of some bad experience driving with some lousy co-sojourners.

Learn to enjoy the journey, while not losing sight of your destination.

Have a great day!

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4 responses to “Journey vs Destination

  1. Haha! My journey to KL wouldn’t be too long, I live in Woodlands! It’s faster for me to go to Malaysia than to town!

  2. Hey, HighwayBlogger. I agree with you that “It depends on who is sharing the journey with you that makes all the difference”. So, without the right company, I’d still prefer the shortest and quickest path. Still, I think you might say that I could try to be good company myself. 😉

    Btw, interesting! Co-sojourners or co-sojourning seems to be a recurring theme in your blog here. And I see you’re practising online referrals here.

  3. @Yee Hung – lol Yee Hung… in any case driving to KL is quite fast 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

    @ClappingTrees – thanks for popping over and your encouraging comments 🙂 I think sometimes we don’t really choose who our co-sojourners are, but many times we can. And you’ve got a great point there, to be a good co-sojourner yourself is best indeed 😀

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