Friday the 13th!

I didn’t realise it’s Friday 13th until my client told me he don’t wanna sign contract today.

Friday 13th

O.o it’s Friday the 13th! THE FRIDAY THE 13TH!

Drive safe.

I mean, don’t stop to look at pretty babes.

Go hug all the black cats you see? (NOTE to all chinese – don’t try to make soup outta them)

What happens on Friday the 13th anyways?

BBC reported in 2004 that an incredible 1.3 million Brits were staying indoors on this day to make sure they avoid any bad luck. Well, at least they won’t need any driving tips.

Some Brits say they’ll definitely be more careful on this day in case they have an accident.

But there are some people who insist on ‘testing’ unlucky things to prove it’s rubbish. Maybe I can try bungy jumping today without the safety cord?

Excerpt from BBC

“Anyways, no one’s quite sure where the myth of Friday 13th comes from.

Some people think that it could be because Jesus was crucified on a Friday and there were 13 people at the Last Supper.

But wherever the idea comes from, you shouldn’t worry – experts reckon that luck is all down to how positive you feel about life.”

So are you feeling positive today?

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4 responses to “Friday the 13th!

  1. xinyun

    hahaha! :X

    so 1.3m Brits would be taking leave just to stay at home…
    mmm perhaps i should have taken leave 😀

  2. @xinyun – hi! *waves
    That’s 2004 leh.. maybe 2007 is 3 million Brits? hahaha..
    You did arrive @ work safe din ya?
    But you can try the “some people who insist on ‘testing’ unlucky things to prove it’s rubbish” hehehe…. have a great day!

  3. xinyun

    heh, let’s wait till end of the day for the new statistics 😀

    yeap i did, hope you did as well.
    but i’m sure quite a number of people will avoid walking underneath ladders at my workplace… 😀

  4. lol your office got a lot of ladders ah? I setup toll booth next to the ladder lah… you either walk under the ladder or if you walk next to it gotta pay toll. ROFL

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