Life on the fast lane

I love driving on the fast lane.

I love whizzing past cars.

But the fast lane is not for everybody.

And it’s not for me when I am not alert.

Coz others will tailgate me the moment I’m slightly less alert.

I will get in the way of others if I don’t plan to be fast.

Afterall, it’s called the fast lane right?

Driving on the fast lane is great, if you can keep up with the pace.

You can’t relax on the fast lane.

Lose your guard one moment and cars are coming to kiss your rear-end @ 100km/h or more.

Isn’t it like life sometimes?

You wanna be in the fast lane, you have to stay alert.

It all comes back to, what pace/speed do you wanna live your life?

The faster you go, the more alert you have to be, the less you can relax.

I know of people who make more money than they can ever spend in their lifetime.

But they can’t sleep at night, too stressed out over work and losing it all.

What is wealth?

Some say wealth is how long you can survive if you lose your active income today.

To many, health is wealth.

What good is money if you don’t have the health to spend it?

Some food for thought.

The fast lane is good my friend, but watch your back and stay alert 🙂

And don’t get too stressed out on this lane!

Consider slowing down sometimes 😀

Have a great week ahead!


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One response to “Life on the fast lane

  1. denise67

    Hi, love this post of yours. Am always love driving on the fast lane and ya alertness has to be there always. Though stress yet enjoy.;-)

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