Life is a Journey

All of life is a journey – which paths we take, what we look back on, and what we look forward to is up to us. We determine our destination, what kind of road we will take to get there, and how happy we are when we get there. – Anonymous

In many way, this is what this blog is about.

Sometimes it’s not so much about the destination, but the journey.

But of course the destination is still important.

The quote speaks for itself, and I hope it brings profound meaning to you today.

I just found “how happy we are when we get there” such food for thought.

So apt an ending for this quote.

Do you know where your journey will end?

And how determined are you to be happy when you get there?

Some people know their destinations, but they don’t necessarily know if they will be happy when they get there.

Do you?



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3 responses to “Life is a Journey

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  2. Nancy

    Life’s a journey for sure. What a question, “Do you know where your journey will end?” All of us will eventually die no matter how hard we work to keep ourselves fit and do all the right things in life. I ask you the question, do you know Jesus Christ? Are you willing to stand before God someday and give an account of your life? Do you think you will have all the right answers? Maybe you don’t believe in God. If you don’t, how do you know that you will be happy without him? God sustains me here on earth giving me joy and happiness in the midst of pain. I can only imagine being in his presence, free from anxiety, fear and loss. My final destination with him will only bring me everlasting peace.

  3. Phillip

    Before I head out on a journey, I want to know my final destination. Then I can plan the journey, including stops along the way, what I want to see along the way, and the activities I will be doing along that journey. That is why, in life, we should know our final destination (yes there is a way to know), and plan accordingly. We can not only know the final destination, but how we should act, and what we should do, along that journey.

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