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Making the headlines tomorrow

I’ve made it to the news before, some of them cover stories.

And actually by choice, I think I can make the headlines again tomorrow.


I was just doing a long drive in Malaysia @ around 120km/h (plus minus a bit lah!) in the middle of the night for around 3 hours. Cars zoomed passed me, I zoomed passed cars, and cars came up behind me at easily 170km/h (or more) forcing me to the side of the road – and I entertained a strange thought.

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Car Jacking in Malaysia

There are quite a few of these tricks in varied forms. I personally know of friends who fell victim to car jacking, at least 3 of my friends have lost their cars in Malaysia.

This particular one came in my inbox not too long ago – treat it as a ‘highway tip’ from the HighwayBlogger.

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NUTS lah!

I had the privilege to work on a contract for one of Singapore’s most celebrated enterprenuers in my first business – Mr Sim Wong Hoo, founder of Creative Technologies. Creative is the company that invented sound for your computer and more recently famous for their long-drawn battle with Apple over the personal digital entertainment devices space mainly Zen vs iPod.

Sim Wong Hoo

One of Mr Sim’s most famous words till today is about NUTS. What is NUTS? Although it has been some time and Singapore has changed quite dramatically since the time of this speech, NUTS is closely related to the theme of this blog – the highway of life. The following is the extract:

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Travelling @ 280km/h

Have you ever travelled at that speed on the highway before?

Some of my friends have, on the autobahn where there’s simply no speed limits.

The fastest I’ve done is 230 km/h, but I won’t tell you where :p

At that speed, everything becomes quite a blur.. but you feel more alive than ever as your senses sharpen acutely due to survival instincts.

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Came across this gribe by another blogger about D.U.I. signages sometime back… The authorities do have interesting policies sometimes!

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Introducing the HighwayBlogger

As promised, after the tiring weekend of ‘flustivities’, it’s about time to properly intro myself to my faithful readers! :p

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Who am I??

Ok, I’ve hidden the secret long enough.

It’s about time I REALLY introduce myself to everyone.

Why have I kept my identity hidden?

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