Who am I??

Ok, I’ve hidden the secret long enough.

It’s about time I REALLY introduce myself to everyone.

Why have I kept my identity hidden?

It’s a mixed bag of reasons really.

I wanted to write with less inhibition.

I was new to blogging and did not know how far I was going with it.

But I’ve caught the blog bug and I can’t stop, and have decided to join the digital movement and start tech blogging for CNet Asia in a couple of days’ time (you can’t see my profile on CNet YET)

So there you go



ooops! I got to go! Intro myself again next post!

p.s. the suspense is really not intentional, I really got to go and I SHOULD do a proper intro of myself after so long. LOL!



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4 responses to “Who am I??

  1. Haha, good job dude! Hope to read your articles soon!

  2. hey dude… alamak.. not article lah.. just blog posts! But thanks for the encouragement anyways!

  3. Hello? Enough suspens already?

  4. alamak… bz lah.. ok ok! lol

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