Introducing the HighwayBlogger

As promised, after the tiring weekend of ‘flustivities’, it’s about time to properly intro myself to my faithful readers! :p

I know I sounded really old in some of my posts… but I’m really not quite that old yet!

I was really tempted to sensationalise this whole ‘intro’ thingie, but then again, not!

Nicholas Aaron Khoo

Photo on June 2007

You can call me Nic, in short for Nicholas Aaron Khoo.

I’m quite a techno geek, and I love to develop and advise tech-related businesses.

It’s kinda lengthy to explain what I do for a living here so you can read all about it here

I have another personal blog on multiply at

Of course I think many will be quite surprised to see me doing a blog as introspective as this.

But in business, I get to see a lot and encounter quite a many people (the last time I checked, my name cards pile was reaching 10,000).

Life is like a highway. Many co-sojourners who come and go.

It’s good to see things in perspective, and in the proper context, which I think many lose sight of in doing their business and pursuit of wealth. Made many mistakes myself.

Anyways, the most important thing is, through this blog, I’VE MET YOU. And that’s what really matters, coz I’ve found a co-sojourner in you.

And in as much as I’ll be sharing some of the things I’ve learnt (and am still learning), I hope you will share your lessons with me too; As many of you already have, through your thoughtful comments.

This exchange is what makes being co-sojourners together on the journey of life together great!

So I’d like to dedicate this post to you, my co-sojourner.

YOU make this blog special.




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8 responses to “Introducing the HighwayBlogger

  1. DK

    Hmm…. so that that means you can come out for gathering in the future? 😀

  2. LOL DK… yeah thanks for the invite first! haha.

  3. Looks like a promising blog in time to come, I’ll be back for more. 🙂

  4. Dear Sicarii, thanks for the great compliments. Look forward to your visits again!

  5. xinyun

    finally a pic of highway!

    woo, u look like my friend clarence, cute 😀

  6. lol xinyun thanks for dropping by again 🙂 would be interesting to meet clarence then! haha..

  7. Eh Xin Yun, only I can comment that Highway blogger is cute, k? lol!

  8. xinyun

    to hilary:

    heh ok 😛

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