Making the headlines tomorrow

I’ve made it to the news before, some of them cover stories.

And actually by choice, I think I can make the headlines again tomorrow.


I was just doing a long drive in Malaysia @ around 120km/h (plus minus a bit lah!) in the middle of the night for around 3 hours. Cars zoomed passed me, I zoomed passed cars, and cars came up behind me at easily 170km/h (or more) forcing me to the side of the road – and I entertained a strange thought.

What if I I suddenly just slammed the brakes @ 120km/h on a busy highway situation and just decided to stop?

Cars in front of me will just speed away in the distance, becoming smaller and smaller all at the same time while I suddenly feel my weight being thrown forward at the huge impact of cars ramming me from behind.

I’ll definitely fly, maybe even die.

And I’d prolly make tomorrow’s headlines in a major traffic accident along the North/South highway for sure!?

For the wrong reasons of course! Along with all the recent headlines of major highway accidents along the North South highway that took so many lives.

Actually, the highway is quite ‘merciless’ in terms of the cars who force you to the side of the road, honk at you, flash at you, etc. All happening at such high speeds and precarious conditions.

Reminds me of life, which is the reason for the theme of this blog.

I drew a few conclusions and parallels to life from this strange thought hope maybe you’d have some takeaway from it if I share it with you:

1. Life is constantly moving forward, you can’t stop. Change is a constant whether you like it or not.

Just like the highway, you can’t suddenly decide to stop and slow down. You just have to move on with the flow.

2. When you decide to stop, even though you think you stopped, life is passing you by.

All the cars around you and in front of you all this while suddenly just pull away from you and pass you by even though you decided to stop.

3. Not only passing you by, you actually affect others around you on the same highway, causing traffic accidents, jams, and pileups. While you think it’s your decision and only affects you, actually many others are affected by YOUR DECISION.

The cars behind you either slam into you or manage to brake in time, causing a major pileup. These people will be affected by your simple, selfish decision.

4. The faster you go in life, the more dangerous and life threatening it will be if you suddenly decide that you need to jam your brakes.

If you are going at 120km/h and more and suddenly slam the brakes, your car will probably spin a few rounds ala Tokyo Drift. Just before you get rammed and feel that flying sensation.

5. Sometimes you are comfortable at the speed that you are going, but people behind you are saying “Move faster forward or get outta my way” Does that happen in your career / work sometimes?

As with the cars behind flashing and honking as they come up behind you @ 180km/h. 120km/h although in line with the speed limit of 110km/h is just not good enough, you have to move faster or move aside!

I hope some of these mean something to you my co-sojourner and that you won’t be making any headlines soon for causing traffic situations!

Drive safely, this period is usually the highest in the month for traffic accidents!


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