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My life is shaking together with this building right NOW

While I was working on my computer @ home around 7-ish last night, suddenly I felt my place (12th storeys near the east coast) was on rubber stilts. Yes, I literally felt the building was swaying. I could swear the rollers on my chair were moving. And my keyboard felt like it was on bumpy waters.

I stopped and tried to get a grip on myself.

Must have been too much late nights and coffee.

So I hurriedly got to my feet.

Seemed alright.

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Co-sojourners come in unexpected forms

In a recent post, Precious talked about pets being man’s best friends. I think they are God’s unique co-sojourners to man on the highway of life, friends whom we can share our deepest, darkest, and most intimate secrets with.

And they come in unique packages too! Check out this heart warming video of Faith, the two-legged dog.

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A tribute to another great man

Another tribute to a prominent man who ended his journey on the highway of life recently.

John Compton, prime minister of St. Lucia, dies at 82

John Compton

In politics, as in other fields, there are early bloomers and late bloomers, some who never bloom and some, like Sir John, who seem to bloom for a lifetime.” The New Black Magazine

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Reaching the end of one’s journey – Tribute to Pavarotti

What happens when one reaches the end of the highway of life?

What do you envision at the end of your journey?

What destination will your highway of life take you?

This is a tribute to LUCIANO Pavarotti, one of the most famous tenors of our time.


‘The Maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer which eventually took his life,’ the statement said. — PHOTO: AFP

I’ll let you read for yourself how he ended his journey.

May we take a moment of silence in remembrance of him and reflect on how we want to end our journeys as well as where is our highway of life currently taking us.

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Support the Yellow Ribbon Project

Yellow ribbon project I’ve been a passive supporter of this project since my friend Mike was on the committee and his wife Lina (Ng) acted in the movie “One More Chance” in support of the project. Did you notice the yellow ribbons wrapped all over trees in Singapore last year inline with Tony Orlando’s Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree? Loved ’em!

People make wrong decisions in life, just like wrong turns on the road or highway, we make them all the time.

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3k in 72 days

This blog has been in existence for exactly 72 days today.

And by the time you read this… I’ve made a whopping 3k more..

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