3k in 72 days

This blog has been in existence for exactly 72 days today.

And by the time you read this… I’ve made a whopping 3k more..

.. more co-sojourners I mean. Yes, I’m talking about you my friend.

Of course we have to take into consideration some double counting by wordpress.

But then again, if this was the old measure of page views and hits, it’d prolly be closer to 10,000 cause WordPress only counts by individual unique visitors based on IP addresses; And based on my understanding most times page views are like at least 3 times higher than unique visitors.

I made this observation after I visited some sites which has like 6million page views. And was looking at my own miserly 3k.

Then I realised something.

The frame of reference is wrong! LOL

Although even by pageviews I’ll probably never hit 6million in another 2 years, still the difference was quite a revelation to me.

LOL… talk about noob blogger!

Once again, thanks for popping by, ye co-sojourner on the highway of life!



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5 responses to “3k in 72 days

  1. You’ve only had this blog for 4 months made that much money. Very nicely done.

    Hi Peter – lol you certainly have a sense of humour!

  2. lol. you certainly know how to be humble

  3. At least you’re being honest. I’ve seen some who slap in a counter, set it to record page views and declare them as unique visits!

    Really? thanks for the great idea! Lemme see, where does this noob blogger start rigging his numbers… oh shrugs, I’ve already blogged about my numbers can’t change them anymore! heh :p

    Thanks for popping a note, nice to have you visit again 🙂

  4. and you’ll have more to go!!! Happy blogging and making friends 😀

    That’s some good encouragement from a Love Coach! Thanks 😀

  5. Hello, thanks for dropping by. You can use either I guess: my friend put the page views one on mine…Which is better? I think the counter on mine jacks up too fast, when they refresh it counts as one…

    Anyway, you have a good blog, please do remind me to drop by again, I will certainly do so.

    thanks for your gracious comments! Well I shouldn’t say which is better coz bloggers use both, just wanted to note the difference heheh And yes, I will do some poking @ your place to remind you to come back! haha!

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