“You don’t write on this blog anymore?”


I met some Pingsters last night at an event which I helped to put together called PopOut and though it was the first time meeting, most of them recognised me straight out! Don’t ask me how – it used to be that even old friends don’t recognise me on the streets but these days it’s quite often that strangers come up to say hi. Not cool…eeeks!

Anyways a Pingster asked me this question “You don’t write on this blog anymore?” and I thought it deserves a post :p

Life’s been going @ 280km/h (as I mentioned here) ever since I exited the partnership of Geek Terminal as CIO/CTO I got catapulted back into the tech startup scene with quite many requests to work on stuff, obviously much more than I can humanly handle and I have to really be selective on the projects/startups that I wanna help.

Besides my ongoing consulting contracts with some MNCs and local tech firms which I have to honour, I got involved in a few startups and budding NGOs. Let me talk a bit about some of them.

I took up the offer by one of my friends from Microsoft to help develop a new startup which promises to change user interfaces forever. Obviously it’s still early days but we just put together a really great team and I helped to put together the funding. It’s still hush hush at this stage but a demo and website should be out real soon together with hopefully a few good contract announcements.

I’ve also decided to work on a couple of projects coming out of Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) mainly on commercialising of good government-funded research and some of them look really promising indeed. In fact we just soft-launched one of the products (so still hush hush) and got very keen interest from MNCs like Panasonic, Energizer, Schneider, Sony, 3M, NEC, HP, Creative etc. But that just means more work!

I’m also in the midst of helping an Australia-based usability firm open up office here in Singapore. Do drop me a note if you know of good business potential for usability consultancy :p

Besides TDM (which is my really my personal journey into learning Web 2.0), I’m trying to use my experience with managing NGOs and companies to help the Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) in the noble aim of helping more than 1 million online gamers in Singapore. That’s partly because of Gaming Giants, a cybercafe startup that I’m involved in. We just opened our 2nd outlet and might be doing 1-2 more by end of the year. SCOGA is new and you can join our new web community here to support our cause to help educate and develop the Singaporean gamer. I did a series of interviews with Channel News Asia and you will be seeing them on Game, Inc next month.

And then I have this contract as a CNET blogger now. So whatever spare time I have, I make sure I get a good tech blogpost out first, which usually doesn’t leave me much time to blog here!

But this blog is obviously very special to me. It’s here that I take time to slow down and smell the flowers. To think about life and where it’s headed. To see transient things in their real context of co-sojourners, separation, and even death. It’s here that I am constantly reminded life is so much more than just career, business, and making money.

It’s here that I found you, a co-sojourner whom I hope will be around till the end of the journey, wherever that leads us.

So whenever I’m too quiet here, means that I’m too caught up with life. Which is not a good thing.

Do gimme a nudge then, will ya?



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8 responses to ““You don’t write on this blog anymore?”

  1. xinyun

    *nudge highway*

    blog here more 😀

    :p thanks for the nudge xinyun, I really needed that!

  2. Here to nudge u.Almost lost your address,tried wordpress and blogger and couldn’t find you.

    Heng ah….\

    PSLE Guru!

    Wah! Thank you thank you … so paiseh

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  4. “It’s here that I take time to slow down and smell the flowers.”

    How fragrant are these plants. How captivating. How does the flowers on a highway smell like?

    Depends on where you are. In China, they smell like pollution?

  5. woah woah woah! i did not know you have a blog! haha. nich -> it has been a great pleasure knowing you so far… lets see how we can work together on other projects as well!

    LOL Meow thanks for ‘popping’ by… the pleasure’s been all mine! Anyways, shows how true the title to this post is!

  6. Hey Aaron, great to finally meet you in person!

    Hi Herry, YES after so many years of meeting online! haha.. the crowd loved your presentation btw, well done!

  7. 🙂 interesting blog. hope to see more from you. will check out your posts on Cnet too.

    cheers ~

    Hey there! Thanks for droppin’ on by!

  8. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    eh hi! I’m not sure what you mean. Not sure what’s there to ‘disagree’ with when I didn’t make any statements or propositions?

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