MuayThai Kick-boxing in Contender Asia

I received a special invite from the organisers to attend one of the final fights for Contender Asia. Some of the other VIPs I spotted include Pierre Png, Allan Wu & Ivy, and Jaymee Ong (the show host) who demostrated a rather nice pre-fight ritual.

It was my very first MuayThai fights and I never thought I would actually enjoy it. Not that I really enjoy fighting, but I appreciate the humble culture which the Thais have brought into kick-boxing, clearly exhibited through their pre-fights rituals. And I witnessed how many of the fighters were able to sit down side by side, talk and jest like old buddies even though they were almost killing each other in the ring moments ago. Not to mention that being in Mark Burnett’s reality TV set was really cool coz everything was so well-run and professional!

For me, how these fighters almost kill in the ring, but are great friends out of the ring, really baffles me.

But it makes for great reality TV and can’t wait to catch it when it screens on AXN in December!

And I really wonder what kind of co-sojourners these kick-boxers are to each other? And how surreal it all ends up when it’s on reality TV.

Oh did I mention that one of the fights was absolutely beautiful but I’m under non-disclosure so I can’t give out the details, much less take any photos. But it’s so superb I’m dying to catch the replay on AXN!

BTW Precious is inviting bloggers for the next Slingers’ match this coming 17th Oct Wed against the Melbourne Tigers. Special corporate box seats which are very rare invites available! Check it out and I hope I’ll get to see you there 🙂



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2 responses to “MuayThai Kick-boxing in Contender Asia

  1. edited out due to non-disclosure :p

  2. genebriel

    i want to join in the next contender asia.what are the requirements to join on that game? im a kickboxer for 10 years and a gym instructor for 3 can i get an access to that game.

    Check out the website, auditions open in 2 weeks 🙂 All the best!

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