I almost got into a serious car accident!

I was with this hot blogger Sarah Tan of SingaporeProfit.com and got into a few near-car crashes!

You see, I’m starting this new series called CONVERSATIONS ON THE HIGHWAY and I’ve got 13 interviews lined-up for this highway. I was interviewing Sarah and almost got into a series of accidents!

Here’s Part I, fresh from the highway, delivered at the near expense of my own life!

“Recently heard on the highway of life”

Hey Sarah, thanks for joining me for today’s journey on the highway of life. So, How’s life?

Life is great. I’ve been cruising along for some time before I decided to take charge of the directions I’m heading. I’m glad that I am working towards my goals.

Kewl! Tell me all about it!!

I think it started sometime in March, when I went for a workshop.
I felt that I needed to have goals and aims in life, and even though I knew what I wanted when I was a kid, I did not put anything into action. So, after spending quite a lot of time, I decided to take action, and hence I started my blog.

Ah… that’s really awesome! Tell me more about your blog!

I’ve been blogging about 7 years, but it’s more of a personal blog.

Oh wow! *kowtows to a veteran blogger*

Now, I decided that I want to bring blogging to a higher level. Instead of just whining about my life and its pathetic existence, I wanted to be more proactive and successful in life. Hence, with my blog.

I’m blogging about my passion, which is to make more money. At the same time, share whatever research I have done with others.

He he… you share a common passion with many people I know! But yeah, I’m a big fan of your SingaporeProfit.com blog. Lotsa good research there!

Thanks for your readership. It’s actually funny how many people want to be rich, but they don’t take active steps to become rich.

Glad for you that you’re stepping up!

I’ve tried convincing my friend to put her money in unit trust, just to earn a few more percent than the measly 0.2% from savings account. However, she thinks that she is unable to take any risk at all, and so prefer to leave her money in the savings account. She doesn’t even put it in fixed deposits, which are considered very safe, and at least she can get 10 times the returns. With my unit trusts, I’ve made 100 times returns compared to putting it in the bank.

o.O that’s sad. Well… I’ve made some poor financial decisions myself. I’m learning too.

Well, I guess it’s because she does not have much financial literacy. Hence, with my blog, hopefully more people will know how important it is to plan, and at least be exposed to other methods.

But that she’s not willing to learn is quite sad

Well, sometimes, there is only so much we can do when people are not willing. Anyway, according to The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: When the student is willing, a teacher will appear.

Nice quote!

So, perhaps when my friend is willing to find out more, she will definitely be able to find teachers.

Tell you one funny story I heard yesterday, talking about Monks and Ferraris


Met this new friend from Canada who moved to SG a few years back and thought maybe he wanted to buy himself a nice car here. So he went to check out a Porsche


Loved it, everything, was about to sign…

And then?

And then he saw the price tag! LOL He thought maybe like $150k would be more than enough! Poor guy was so embarrassed…

Hahaha! This is Singapore. Yeah, one of the bug bears is that I can’t buy a sports car.

It’s a depreciating asset. Well, if I were him, I’ll just say, maybe I’ll check out a Maserati instead.

I went for some personal financial training and downgraded my car not too long after.

That’s cool. Nice car you’ve got here.

Thanks, glad you are enjoying the ride.

I’m driving a Honda and I wanted to get a small cute car like March but I thought I was flying when I was only driving at 50km/h. The car was too light.

Hahaha… never test drove it!

I don’t think guys like March that much. Maybe it’s too feminine.

OK since we’re now on the highway of life, what do you think about co-sojourners?

Sometimes, we take our own journeys and never meet. But through chance, pathways just cross.

In fact, there are many people whom I’ve met in recent years and I think that we must have met each other before or even walked past each other, just that we were unaware.

That’s powerful sharing! Thanks it made my day! OK… Tell me something REALLY interesting from your past!

Huh? Like…

Something that your readers dunno about?

Ok, I’ve slept on the field where Fandi Ahmad and Lim Tong Hai spat on before.

ROFLMAO *nearly had an accident* you almost got me into an accident there!

Haha! Look carefully.

That was when people loved soccer. I was 15 then, and my school was putting up a mass dance display for Singapore Youth Festival opening ceremony. So every twice to thrice a week, we had to practise in the hot sun. I hated it. The only thing that kept me and my friends going was the funny thought of lying on our idols’ spit.

Lol! Ok where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I will be a published author. I’m a wannabe. But I had work published when I was 14.

I also aim to increase my wealth exponentially in 5 years.

Wow… so pray tell how not to cross the path of this thundering goal-getter?!

By depriving me of my TV?

*nearly car crash again*

I love watching TV and surfing the internet.

What is the most controversial thing that you’ve done?

Hard to really say about controversial… Unless you count “Used to date rich men”?

*jams brakes* Screeeeeeeeech!

…but decided wealth doesn’t equate maturity. And also decided that instead of marrying into wealth, it’s better to create wealth myself. Yeah, when I was young, I wanted to be a rich taitai. My friend who comes from a super wealthy family scolded me. She said that I shouldn’t waste time studying just to be a housewife. She’s a businesswoman.

Phew! It’s good you have clearer distinctions about that now. Some people still have that dream, and they never learn.

Yup, so I’ve decided to become rich myself. That’s why I have my SingaporeProfit.com

Yeah, nice 🙂 OK, we have to end today’s journey; I’m getting into way too many near accidents! Before we finish our short journey today, what is the one last thing you want me to tell others about you?

There are many things we want in life, but it is up to us to make sure we take action to reach our goals. I want to be known as a successful woman who knows what she wants and at the same time help others to succeed as well.

So for those of you who wanna know how to be rich, head on down to Sarah’s wonderful blog @ SingaporeProfit.com. I love the research she has there hence today’s journey 🙂

Looking forward to our next ride on the highway of life, Sarah!

Go for your dreams!



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6 responses to “I almost got into a serious car accident!

  1. Anonymous

    Interesting.. you get to date hot bloggers

    :p this blogger’s too hot for me

  2. Pingback: My First Interview As A Blogger

  3. Great interview! Looking forward to reading more.

    Thanks, glad you liked it 🙂

  4. Interesting title and content too… Haha… I think keeping a blog that is focused on a particular subject area is always a challenge. Especially an area like financial investments which can be fraught with legalities (I am sure Sarah will put in the usual disclaimers).

    I know because my dad has been a remisier in Phillip Securities for more than 30 years, and he is always very discreet about recommendations. Even to his own son. Fortunately, most of them do work out well and I see my invested wealth growing generally quite nicely.

    Thanks for the great visit Walter, you should visit Sarah more often!

  5. christena

    i am so sorry about your accident i have a frien f got ran over and he survivied so i am sorry

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