Slingers Game: Meeting fellow bloggers

Through my blogging, I have made some new friends, co-sojourners on the highway of life.

Until recently, I have only met them online, till last night.

I had some nice invites for the Slingers’ home game against the Melbourne Tigers and extended them to bloggers on Ping.Sg and in my MyBlogLog network. Precious also had invites which she extended through a small little compy on ‘guess my gender’!

It’s a rather strange feeling to be in my first ‘bloggers’ outing. Co-sojourners of whom many I was meeting for the first time, and many whom I’ve met online through their blogs.

Unlike other occasions, I was too busy hosting my guests to be taking photos, though I really thought the Slingers had such a good chance to bag that game!

Here’s some blogposts and photos from the bloggers who came (to be updated as the blog posts come up)

Adam Zhang’s Photo Blog

TheMediaSlut.Com (2 great posts!)

Actress-Blogger Sheylara’s great coverage

Daphne’s ‘Preview’ Blog post

Super Hawt ‘mama blogger’ East Coast Life 🙂

The Princess Sabrina, Part I

XF’s Blog (the poor guy had O Levels the next day!)

My Preeeeciousssss

I’ll be off traveling till end of the month so you might not hear any updates here for a while.

Go Slingers!



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4 responses to “Slingers Game: Meeting fellow bloggers

  1. Thanks for the invite! I had a great time at the game. Safe travels! 🙂

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed 🙂 Let’s catch a game again sometime!

  2. Sounds like fun, I’ll check the other blogs to cry over what I missed out. 🙂

    Have a good trip, mate.

    Take care and God bless.

    p.s. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve added you to my blogroll under “Friends with Blogs”.

    LOL yes you have to go check out some of the great blog posts on the Slingers! More are coming as I heard, so this page will be updated.
    Thanks for the well wishes and it’s my honour to be on your blogroll lah! Will do the same 🙂

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  4. Bro, I found your blog through Qiaoyun’s blog..din know you blog too man 😉

    Keep in touch yeah?

    Yeah didn’t know you basketball fanatic with blog too! LOL let’s do the Slingers game when I’m back!

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