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Nicest Wedding Invitation Card ever

I’ve been to my fair share of weddings, craziest ever being five weddings in one month!

I’ve done everything from renting lending the ride, driver, brother, best man, MC-ee, wedding singer, even playing in the wedding band, etc you name it. Sometimes doing some of these things together in the same wedding -.-” which made me wonder: who was more busy? Me or the bridegroom? Like there was even once when somehow I stupidly agreed Continue reading



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Aimless in life

Have you ever hopped into a car only to realise that you have no idea where you’re going only when you’re already on the highway?

Maybe you just trust the guy who’s driving you; but maybe it has also happened when you are the driver and halfway through you just have simply no idea where you’re going anymore?

Will you panick? Maybe not if you trust the driver – or if you are driving and you’re a pretty cool person who doesn’t panick easily.

Or have you just ever gone so far into one journey on the highway and then suddenly decided that you wanted to change course? Happened to me before.

Your mind would probably process faster than a Intel Core 2 Duo even as you frantically scan all the road signs zooming past for the nearest exit.

Or maybe sometimes, you just like to drive aimlessly. “Take me anywhere” to the driver cause you simply dunno where to go.

Sometimes, it’s just so much like life.
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Interview on Channel NewsAsia

Channel Newsasia


Channel NewsAsia interviewed me for a gaming series called Game, Inc for SCOGA – Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association where I talked about the gaming scene in Singapore and making a positive change in this industry. Continue reading


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Slingers top the NBL!

For the last few weekends, at this time Sunday evening, I’d be screaming my lungs out at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at a Slingers’ game.

My weekends will never be the same again!

Anyways, last weekend was another great time with my online co-sojourners (the bloggers) cheering for the Slingers as they led most of the game only to give it all away in the last period to a relentless Adelaide 36-ers.

Mike Helms Jersey 23Mike Helms, Jersey 23

I guess besides an emotionally-charged Continue reading


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Mafia cannot go to bars and pubs!

salvatore lo piccolo

When the police arrested Salvatore Lo Piccolo, the head of the Sicilian Mafia, they uncovered a 10 commandments on what seems to be the guide to “become a good mobster”!

Prohibitions include Continue reading


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Singapore: Most admired Knowledge City in the world

Someone I met on the highway of life not too long ago, a newfound co-sojourner, flew to Mexico around the same time I left for China because the Singapore Government had appointed him to Mexico to receive this award on their behalf:
where Singapore placed TOP amongst all the cities of the world!

I must rave about it!

A panel of experts voted for 38 MAKCI nominees and the top 10 are placed as follows Continue reading


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A funny road situation that stalled me for 1 hour Part II

So what was this whole situation about?

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