I got Google Pageranks 4 and 6 but do they really mean anything?

I finally got some pagerank for this blog! And I guess 4‘s not too bad for a start!

My CNET blog‘s pagerank has also been updated, and it’s a nice 6!

Actually I think PR is kinda over-rated, but having been skipped a few page-rank updates, this is a welcome relief I guess 🙂

Now maybe I will hold back on that Google-trashing blog post… :p

But really, do PRs mean anything? It used to be that the higher your PR, the better placed you will be on Google search results. But I find that hardly the case anymore. I got well placed in Google search results even when I was PR-zero. Some businesses like PayPerPost uses PR as a gauge on how much they should pay you, but with the infrequent and somewhat unpredictable update of PRs, I think even PPP is moving away from using PR as the main gauge of a blog’s effective reach.

The question is does PR really translate to reach and readership? Are there better ways to know if a blog has an effective reach beside Google Pagerank?

I for one think that RSS subscribership is a far better gauge. What do you think?

And I don’t think PR is of much use for me since I don’t do PayPerPost or any blog ads.

Maybe I’m missing something here?

p.s. Back in SG after travelling more than 6 cities/towns in China in the past 2 weeks.
Tired and glad to be away from the Great (Fire)wall and being able to access this blog properly again!



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5 responses to “I got Google Pageranks 4 and 6 but do they really mean anything?

  1. yo, welcome back and glad to see some updates 😛

    thanks for the ‘nudge’ Xinyun, glad to be back 😀

  2. Did you buy me anything? 🙂

    PR is just one of hundreds of other factors Google use to determine your rankings. It’s a measure of “trust” based on incoming links from other websites (again another complex formula – whaddaya expect from a bunch of geeks from Stanford?). PR is not an indication of your reach – use Alexa if you’re that vain.

    The PR number that you see is a delayed PR that is updated only every 3 months or so. Google uses their own internal PR – more updated and more refined than the 1-10 scale.

    RSS subscription is also not a good measurement because some people (myself included) just don’t use RSS. Go use trackers like Awstats, Webalizer, ExtremeTracking, or the mother of all trackers Google Analytics.

    P/S: I’ll be in Singapore the Monday after Deepavali. Interested for a chat over coffee?

    Hey Larry, nice to have a SEO expert comment here on my braggings and ramblings, clearly a non-SEO guy here. Too bad I can’t use any of those other trackers you mentioned coz I can’t install Javascript on this blog 😦 I bought you salted fish in one city but I ate it in the next city where I bought you deep fried scorpions instead but they were so yummy I ate them all up en-route to the next city. Finally, I brought you some nice “Calviin Klein” toiletries but they confiscated them @ the customs coz they thought I was gonna blow up the plane with it?!? Sure, let’s catch up!

  3. Congratulations, Aaron, and welcome home, mate. 🙂

    I don’t care much for page rank since there’s no intention to ever monetize my blog — it’s just not for that purpose as you already know.

    Sure would like to hear/read more of your trip to China. Sorry I haven’t been able to reply to your email (thank you for sharing it though, I really enjoyed it!).

    Shabbat Shalom.

    Hey there mate, thanks for dropping by! Sure we catch up more!

  4. Ed

    I just read somewhere PPP is coming up with a system of their own to “outbeat” the Google PR. I don’t place too much emphasis on PR after reading through various professional guides and experienced bloggers. It’s quite an eye-opener for me when PR meant for effective search results transform into a benchmark for monetary earnings.

    Yeah, we seem to share similar sentiments. The first time I heard PPP was using PR as a gauge of how much you can earn in PPP, I was shocked too!

  5. Unfortunately for PPP, Google just de-ranked a lot (if not all) of blogs who write for PPP from whatever rank they have to ZERO.

    can’t you imagine how tough that would be to PPP and its bloggers????

    Yes I heard all about it from my blogger friends even though I don’t do PPP myself and non of my rankings
    were affected! Good thing PPP just launched their own ranking system so PPPostees don’t have to fret!
    Google’s making quite a lot of enemies out there though.. I notice an increasingly stronger support for Yahoo
    these days.

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