3,400 caught speeding on new highway in 6 days. How?

Saw this blog post from my friend @ SimplyJean and thought I talk about it since

1. This is a blog about highways! (But this post mainly for Singaporean readers only, sorry!)

2. (I think) I actually know how this is done, coz I was shown the technology many moons ago.

NEARLY 3,400 vehicles were caught exceeding the 70kmh speed limit in the underground Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) in the first six days of its opening.

Of the lot, 45 cases exceeded 110kmh, and one vehicle – a sedan – was clocked crossing 140kmh.

Their owners will be receiving either warning letters or summonses from the Traffic Police.

The number of speedsters caught works out to a daily average of 563 – more than four times the number of speeding cases islandwide per day.

This is partly because the tunnels have highly accurate digital laser cameras – the first of their kind used here. They never run out of film like the old models used on other expressways. And they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unlike policemen carrying laser cameras.

The other reason for the inordinately large number of cases is that some motorists are still unaware of the new tunnels’ 70kmh limit.

How I believe it’s done

The cameras are able to capture your license plate when you enter the tunnel, quickly convert it to digital, and do the same when you exit.

This way, they are able to pinpoint exactly when you enter and exit the tunnel.

They then calculate your average speed.

Last I heard from inside sources, that’s how they were gonna do it but I did not follow up with the project looks like it’s now implemented.

And I believe the company who supplied this technology is the same company that installed all the cameras at our Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints. The ones that capture your license plates whilst your passports are being checked.

Actually the technology is not that new for those who frequent the Malaysian North-South Highway you’d know that when you reach the police station after the customs, the police officers already have your license plate on their PDAs if you were speeding on the highway. This means that they capture your plate on the highway, converted it to digital to recognise your vehicle, and sent the information wirelessly to the police officers waiting at the stations.

Moral of the story?

Use a spray like this to hide your license plate from the cameras!





Just kidding, don’t ever think about it! No joke to get caught.


Speed Camera in KPE

Okie okie… don’t GET CAUGHT speeding… LOL I’m a safe driver who never ever speeds you know?

DISCLAIMER: This is what I saw and understood quite a while ago, but I’m not sure if they ever implemented it. They may have implemented another technology, who knows?


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One response to “3,400 caught speeding on new highway in 6 days. How?

  1. Wow, that’s a pretty interesting way to catch people speeding.

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