Blog of the Day Award and WordPress Featured Blog!

FuelMyBlog Blog of the DayI’ve been awarded blog of the day by FuelMyBlog what an honour! Although I’ve won some tech awards before, this is my first Blog award and really special especially since I did not apply for it!

On a separate note, I noticed that I am WordPress featured blog as well!

Wordpress Featured Blog

What a great day it is, except that…. this featured blog thing is on some obsure part of WordPress :p



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6 responses to “Blog of the Day Award and WordPress Featured Blog!

  1. Congratulations, mate! 🙂

    Thanks buddy… the award did come as a surprise :p

  2. By the way, I like your old theme better. 😛

    LOL k k point noted. I’m trying stuff out.. thanks for the feedback, I needed it!

  3. congrats 🙂

    :p thanks!! You’ve always been a great co-sojourner!

  4. LLY

    Whatever that is, congrats to you =)

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Well done!

    Thanks moby, have always loved your blog! Especially your cutie!

  6. Komarraju Venkata Vinay

    Congratulations. I am delighted because it inspires me to keep improving at what I do.

    Venkata Vinay

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