“The Slingers Miss You”

On Sunday night, the Slingers won the Perth Wildcats in a nerve-wrecking, hair-raising, extra-time racking match that had many people on their feet pulling their hair out and screaming for joy all at once!

As I just came back from 2 weeks of travel in China a couple of days ago, I only managed to pull along some bloggers who had previously written some good posts about the previous game we went to. Or those on the top of my mind who told me they really wanted to come for the next game when I got back. Too bad EastCoastLife (who really wanted her son Jaymes to come) and Jason the basketball freakdiehard did not make it.

In this game, we did have QiaoYun a.k.a. Sheylara, Sabrina a.k.a. Princessa, MissCel, Andy a.k.a the Runaway Geek, Howie a.k.a. Mr PopOut (and Usability Designer), Mike Zhan of Qotion.com who helped put together BlogOut 2007, Precious, and some of their partners 🙂

And boy did we have a blast! Looks like my online co-sojourners are now turning into basketball fans who will be my co-sojourners throughout the rest of this Slingin’ season!Being only the 2nd win in this season, the feeling was more dramatic than when you have queued in that donut queue for 2 hours and see a ‘sold out’ sign placed over your favourite donut! Then just as you were about the leave in utter disappointment, suddenly the delivery truck arrived with more dough! That’s kinda what happened when the Slingers bounced back from a previous game loss of more than 30-points to the same Perth Wildcats just one month ago! The Wildcats are rated amongst the top 4 teams in the league whilst the Slingers are total newbies currently ranked last on the ladder 😦

Paul Rogers Paul Rogers, of the Perth Wildcats, Jersey No. 9

“Paul Rogers has played more NBL games than the whole of our team! We’re young guys but we play with a lot of spirit and we have to be good in the effort areas of the game.” Slingers Coach McLeod

For a veteran player of such experience, Paul actually tried to rough down Slinger Shane MacDonald in a totally uncalled-for situation! For a moment, it looked like this basketball ball match was gonna turn into an ice hockey style of free-for-all. Maybe in Perth, but not here in Singapore Paul, you might get 3 strokes of the cane are on our turf!

Mike Helms Jersey 23 Slinger Mike Helms from Detroit with the ball, one of the stars of the match. Poor dude’s a long way from home, in a land of unknowns, need all the support he can get, and many more co-sojourners in this phase of his life’s journey.

I’m not really a sports commentator even though I did a short stint on the school team and also as a gals’ team coach.

You’d be better off with match reports here and comments by Slingers Coach McLeod here. By the way, Coach McLeod is also Assistant Australian National Coach and will be bringing the team to Beijing Olympics 2008.

A friend who’s also one of the shareholders of the Slingers came up to me excitedly after the game “See, I told you the Slingers miss you.” referring to an email he sent me earlier to come back from China quickly to support the Slingers.

“When you come, we win! When you were away in China, we just keep losing!”, He added.

You can imagine how flattered I was!

But to be absolutely honest, I used to have an eerie ability to make basketballs go in and out of the hoop when I was younger, with sheer thought. That’s for another story though, when I was dabbling in ESP. But I definitely haven’t exercised any of that for the past 10 years after a very unfortunate incident that got far too close for comfort.

Oh did I mention I met this really nice gentleman Riaz Metha, executive producer of the Contender Asia together with Mark Burnett (of the Survivor and the Apprentice fame) and Jeffrey Katzenberg (of Dreamworks)? And also muscle-man Sam, producer of the Survivor.

With Riaz Mehta

From left: QiaoYun, Riaz, HighwayBlogger (with newfound grey hair), Precious, Simran, Ash, and Sam

This picture thanks to QiaoYun’s camera that saved the day!

See, you should come for more Slingers games and maybe you’ll get casted for the next Survivor!



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4 responses to ““The Slingers Miss You”

  1. DK

    Really? Then you must attend all their matches leh. hahaha. 😛

    LOL it’s great fun! When you joining us? Invitation always open to you!

  2. DK come with us next time!! Haven’t seen you for ages, miss you leh! 😉

    Nice blog, Nic. That’s a great quote you pulled from Coach McLeod. I actually thought of throwing that quote in my blog, too, but I didn’t because I decided to angle my blog away from heavy basketball talk. 😛

    Hey Qiaoyun, thanks for the great visit and comment. Yes, DK please come soon! We’ll make a fan outta you yet!

  3. Once my exams are over I would love to attend more matches too!

    Cool… you’re always welcome 🙂

  4. Wow! That must have been some game, mann! Ship! I missed that!

    Sorry for not being able to make it. With my Mom’s condition, it’s quite hard for me to attend any functions these days. My brothers and sisters-in-law look after her during weekdays, I take over on weekends so they can take a breather.

    Jaymes is not brave enough to attend the game on his own. I’ll see if he wants to go with his friends.

    Ah…. sorry to hear about your mom’s condition. I know it’s tough, take heart and hope that you can come by with your whole family soon!
    Lemme know if Jaymes wants to come with friends maybe I can get them tickets in the stands then he won’t be uncomfortable and go scream his lungs out with his friends!

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