A funny road situation that stalled me for 1 hour Part II

So what was this whole situation about?

Lemme try to describe it

1. There was a road accident on this village highway

Which is really surprising coz these guys are all so highly skilled constantly against traffic, many times coming within centimetres of a headlong collision.

2. So the drivers got out and started their normal negotiation thing, who’s at fault blah blah blah

Driver 1: It’s all your fault!

Driver 2: No it’s not my fault, there was a cow crossing

Driver 1: I thought it was a pig?!

3. In the meanwhile, traffic piles up on both sides.

Much honkings and protests from other road users, etc. But who cares!?

4. So everyone (except this nerd here) decides to get outta their vehicles and join in the fun.

Thus what you see in the picture, a party on the village highway!

china accident

Funny thing is how most of these people were not bothered that their schedules were delayed one hour, and they joined in not intending to ask these guys to move their cars, speed up the process or whatsoever, but to add oil to fire and join in the party!

Guess if you can’t beat them, join them!? …right?



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5 responses to “A funny road situation that stalled me for 1 hour Part II

  1. whats that , ?
    iam not able to understand that . that pic . actually !

    Read Part I!

  2. SeowS

    I thought only in India will cows crossing cause an accident of this scale!

    LOL I did see cows using this same highway… but it wasn’t the cows which caused this accident!
    Come to think of it, I should have joined in the party to find out how this accident came about!

  3. Raz

    Liddat also can… one small accident block the whole highway. Where’s the police!?

    They came one hour later which is why the party only lasted one hour

  4. So how come nobody took down the number plates of the vehicles? No 4D there? 😀

    yeah… strangely no. Maybe all village folks busy farming no 4D for them… heh

  5. lol, well I’m glad every one’s unscathed. I’m guessing accidents are uncommon there. This surely can’t be an every day thing!

    Yeah… the chinese drivers are skilful, lotsa crazy driving yet hardly any accidents

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