Mafia cannot go to bars and pubs!

salvatore lo piccolo

When the police arrested Salvatore Lo Piccolo, the head of the Sicilian Mafia, they uncovered a 10 commandments on what seems to be the guide to “become a good mobster”!

Prohibitions include frequenting bars and looking at friends’ wives, while members are urged to treat their own wives with respect.

Other activites apparently beyond the pale for Mafiosi are being friends with the police, being late for appointments and “appropriating money if it belongs to other Mafia members or to other families”.

The document makes clear that people with police or informers in their family cannot become members of the Mob.

And although mobsters’ wives must be respected, they should not expect much support during childbirth: the rules state that “always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty – even if your wife’s about to give birth”.

The decalogue was discovered along with a large number of other coded documents in a house near Palermo where Mr Lo Piccolo was apprehended after spending more than two decades on the run from police.

Investigators say that the documents – including the Ten Commandments – will give them an insight into how the Mafia operates.

The papers also reveal details of companies with Mafia connections and information about the hierarchy within the organisation.

BBC News

Mafia 10 commandments

So it’s really a “job descript” for being a good and moral mobster!?

Really intriguing.. especially the part on not going to bars and pubs!

Like, if the mafia can’t go to bars and pubs, then who can?

I think mobsters make for the most interesting co-sojourners. Not for me! But for each other.

And the fact that they have rules to govern their relationships like how the Bible has rules to govern relationships between Christians tells us that maybe, just MAYBE, we should start to agree on rules that set a context or boundaries around our own relationships with friends and family, co-sojourners whom we value?

Have a great Sunday!



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4 responses to “Mafia cannot go to bars and pubs!

  1. I’ve heard that in Hong Kong, members of the triads (gangsters) do feel rather noble because of the way they take care of their brothers.

    Setting rules is fine, but it’s difficult to know for sure which rule is genuinely noble and good, and which rule is not.

    Well at the very least, when the rule is set the boundaries are clear and people know what you stand for

  2. LLY

    Hi, regarding the link exchange program with my blog, aren’t you suppose to link back to mine?

    LOL please see my blogroll again… I linked to you first then you linked over remember? You must be having so many linkbacks you forgot!

  3. I heard about this on the radio this morning on the way in to work. The DJ’s were particulary interested in the last one where it states “anyone who behaves badly and doesn’t hold to moral values.” What kind of moral values do mobsters have I wonder?

    I’m sure mobsters have higher moral values than that of the clergy?

  4. LLY

    Oops! my bad.. Must have overlooked it =P

    No prob..

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