Slingers top the NBL!

For the last few weekends, at this time Sunday evening, I’d be screaming my lungs out at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at a Slingers’ game.

My weekends will never be the same again!

Anyways, last weekend was another great time with my online co-sojourners (the bloggers) cheering for the Slingers as they led most of the game only to give it all away in the last period to a relentless Adelaide 36-ers.

Mike Helms Jersey 23Mike Helms, Jersey 23

I guess besides an emotionally-charged Mike Helms who lost his cool in a rather unjustified technical foul and just overall bad refereeing at the game (that got many of our players upset, including our superstar Rod Grizzard), the show was really stolen by both Mike Chappell of the 36-ers

Mike Chappell

and what seems to me like a Harlem Globetrotters import in Lanard Copeland

Lanard Copeland

Notice he was vibrating so much that I could hardly catch a still shot of him? (Just an excuse for my poor photography)
You can view the full match report at the Slingers’ official site.

Today the Slingers lost again to the Brisbane Bullets in Australia, but it was such a close fight the match report was full of praises for the Slingers’ performance. Looks like the Slingers are shaping up!

The losses aside, do you know the Singapore Slingers just topped the league!?

Yessireee we did! We just won a Sportal Award for the official site in the league with the highest traffic in October!

“Singapore Slingers website was Number One in page impressions and unique browsers through October. We accounted for 10.8% of all traffic” Bob Turner, Managing Director for the Singapore Slingers

At least we topped the league in one way!

Anyways, you should know that this is NOT supposed to be a basketball or sports blog. But it’s through this blog that I met many new co-sojourners on the highway of life, bloggers whom I now invite to join me in every Slingers home game whenever I’m around town. Bloggers who have helped contribute to the Sportal Award! Three cheers for the bloggers! Yay!

So for this game against the Adelaide 36-ers, we had the following bloggers join me and you can check out their reports on the game!

Andy Tay who appeared on the Slingers’ kiss cam and tried to kiss me! He was too shy to kiss Alice next to him :p

Alice Cheong the pretty and brillant PHD student. Don’t mess with this babe!

SimplyJean the other pretty and brillant PHD Student from Korea! She made two great posts on the Slingers!

Sabrina, the one and only Princessa!

MissCel, Sabrina’s scandalous house maid mate

Precious, who also made two great posts!

The next home game is 2 Sundays away on 2nd December against the Bullets!

Do get yourself tickets yeah?! And come by to say HI! You can’t miss me with the strange hair now

Nicholas Aaron Khoo

For bloggers, please drop a comment I just MIGHT be able to squeeze you in with the rest of us bloggers!

Have a great week ahead!



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4 responses to “Slingers top the NBL!

  1. sujin

    good stuff!!
    gooooo Slingers!!

    Go Slingers!

  2. Can I squeeze in? Curly top is cute ;x

    LOL. I’ll reply you privately :p

  3. JF

    hi there.. reading on ur writings on the Slingers with much interest… would love to get a replica jersey somewhere… any ideea where to purchase a slinger teeshirt or jersey?

    Hi there, Thanks! I’m not sure but I thought they sell the Jerseys at the entrance where you come in? If not I can try sneak into the locker room…

  4. J

    awesome…i can’t get enough info about international basketball i really enjoy reading about it and watching it.

    Thanks for the visit, hope you can write more about the fast-growing basketball scene here in Singapore!

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