Interview on Channel NewsAsia

Channel Newsasia


Channel NewsAsia interviewed me for a gaming series called Game, Inc for SCOGA – Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association where I talked about the gaming scene in Singapore and making a positive change in this industry. My partners in Gaming Giants are also featured from the Cybercafe angle in separate interviews in later episodes.

You can catch it on (updated)

19th Nov Monday (Today)
5:32 PM Game Inc. Episode 1

20th Nov Tuesday
6:02 PM Game Inc. Episode 1

21st Nov Wednesday
8:30 PM Game Inc. Episode 2 “Shifting Perspectives”
11:32 PM Game Inc. Episode 2 “Shifting Perspectives”

22nd Nov Thursday
10:33 AM Game Inc. Episode 2 “Shifting Perspectives”


I think it’s a 6-part series and I did a few interviews in separate sessions so there’ll be more coming up.

Catch it on air if you can!

In the meantime, we’ve uploaded a part I snippet online here



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6 responses to “Interview on Channel NewsAsia

  1. Wow!

    Thanks! I should be wow-ing at your amazing feats instead! :p

  2. That’s cool Nic! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to watch it. 😦

    Thanks Larry :p Too bad I didn’t manage to record it either. I’ll see if I can YouTube it for the next episode!

  3. ooh….nic looks so nurturing on TV 😛

    LOL?!? I should have borrowed your orange wig!

  4. pls youtube it!!! the timings are so bad. i wanna watch!

    Nadnut thanks! OK have uploaded it to Post updated with video link

  5. Manage to catch some part of it, =)

    Gaming has never been this cool in sg till now 😛

    Yeah! Go pwn your exams!!

  6. Hmmm…. What happened your blonde strip?

    Yeah I wonder too… :p

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