Aimless in life

Have you ever hopped into a car only to realise that you have no idea where you’re going only when you’re already on the highway?

Maybe you just trust the guy who’s driving you; but maybe it has also happened when you are the driver and halfway through you just have simply no idea where you’re going anymore?

Will you panick? Maybe not if you trust the driver – or if you are driving and you’re a pretty cool person who doesn’t panick easily.

Or have you just ever gone so far into one journey on the highway and then suddenly decided that you wanted to change course? Happened to me before.

Your mind would probably process faster than a Intel Core 2 Duo even as you frantically scan all the road signs zooming past for the nearest exit.

Or maybe sometimes, you just like to drive aimlessly. “Take me anywhere” to the driver cause you simply dunno where to go.

Sometimes, it’s just so much like life.

We go about our journeys, do our thing, without ever knowing where we’re going.

Or we go so far down the highway of life, only to realise that this is not where we wanna go and frantically search for the nearest exit to change course.

But I guess, it’s better late than never.

Better than realising that you are on the wrong highway, set on a journey you don’t want to be on.

And I guess it’s OK to be aimless once in a while, but for your whole life?

So my question to you is, do you know where you’re going today?

Or maybe, who’s in that driver seat of your life today?

Do you trust him/her?

Whatever the case, I do hope you’ll enjoy your ride on the highway of life, my fellow co-sojourner.



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2 responses to “Aimless in life

  1. Whenever I feel that way, it means that life has become monotanous and I’m trapped in a routine, a clear signal that it’s time to take a break.

    Cool… and you are one who sure knows how to enjoy life with your Aussie holidays and what not right!?

  2. Haha, sometimes I expect you to be on the driver’s seat of my life. 😛


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