Nicest Wedding Invitation Card ever

I’ve been to my fair share of weddings, craziest ever being five weddings in one month!

I’ve done everything from renting lending the ride, driver, brother, best man, MC-ee, wedding singer, even playing in the wedding band, etc you name it. Sometimes doing some of these things together in the same wedding -.-” which made me wonder: who was more busy? Me or the bridegroom? Like there was even once when somehow I stupidly agreed to lend the ride, be the driver, brother, MC-ee, as well as play in the wedding band. Those were my young and foolish days!

But the most stressful I must have done was to MC-ee an event in English and then immediately translate for myself in Chinese when there were two full tables for the local chinese press amongst the dinner guests coz the bridegroom’s dad was the chief editor.

Yet another time I witnessed my friend’s celebrity wedding when it came to ‘you may now kiss the bride’ you couldn’t see a thing coz the couple was swarmed by 20 photographers and their flashing cameras.

But this wedding invite that I just received from a much treasured co-sojourner, has to be the nicest I’ve ever received or seen:Wedding Invitation Card

Wedding Invitation Card2

From what I see, this looks set to be the biggest wedding of Singapore in 2007, and my first ever Sikh wedding!

They are sparing no expenses and hired the best wedding designer in asia (who flew Kylie Minogue for Lakshmi Mittal‘s daughter’s wedding.) The bride had to spend months back in India for her wedding preparations!

Talking about wedding, to me it’s like two co-sojourners agreeing to spend the rest of their journey on the highway of life together, hand in hand, come what may. But how many finish that commitment to stay the course together?

Good friend of mine said something that struck me:

“I won’t ever get married coz I’ve seen more than 7 divorces amongst my friends”

Two of my best friends are both divorced with kids as well.

Not to say that all marriages will go awry, but marriage requires hard work to succeed!

Anyways, here’s an accidental shot with a nice effect:

Wedding Card effect

p.s. details of the wedding not revealed here for the sake of the couple’s privacy



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12 responses to “Nicest Wedding Invitation Card ever

  1. DK

    wow… nice accident shot. 🙂

    :p thanks!! At least someone else feels so too!

  2. Xmas day wedding? 😉

    LOL I didn’t say anything..

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  4. Of course you’re supposed to be busier than the bridegroom, that’s to be expected, lol!

    The bridegroom is the ‘king’ for the day. Now you don’t think kings are supposed to serve themselves, are they? 😛

    Seriously, friends like you are hard to come by who would help so much during a wedding. I remember my friends and relatives who put my mind at ease and let me totally enjoy my wedding day close to a decade ago.

    And hopefully, you can count on these friends whom you’ve helped to do the same for you when your big day comes. 🙂

    Shalom Aleichem.

    hahaha… thanks for the kind comments! I sure hope so!

  5. When God call 2 person together, to grow old together, no one can separate them. My dear brother, have faith. Does not matter how many divorce in this earth (don’t let other people broken marriage blind u), if both are according to God’s will, God will make a way.
    Divorce is not in the book of life! Marriage is awesome dude!

    Oh that’s true 🙂 Glad to see you have a rocking marriage going on there 😀

  6. Haha it does look like its gonna be a snowy, white, fluffy Christmas wedding.

    haha… wait. Where the snow coming from? Don’t tell me they gonna ship the snow in just for this wedding

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  9. Here is a short tutorial on how to create “engraved” effect on paper in Photoshop. Perfect for wedding invitations and all kind of invitations whatsoever.

    Dear Steve, my sincere apologies for taking time to approve this comment. I was contemplating about its merit and decided that some of the readers of this post might find this to be of value.

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  11. Wow this invitation looks shiny, shiny and beautiful? would be more interesting if I actually saw this invitation. Who is the owner of this invitation, maybe I could learn to make invitations like this from you. This invitation is very modern, I like to design the front, simple and beautiful.

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