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Bribing on the Highway – Singaporean Version

I wrote about bribing on the Malaysian highways earlier. This is the Singaporean version, from ‘Today’ : 

A CEMENT mixer driver tried to beat a traffic rap by offering a police officer a $50 bribe Continue reading



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Blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

2007 has been an eventful year for me indeed as I shifted back into high gear – traveled tonnes and took on more business portfolios. And 2008 is set to be even more crazy as my 1st half is almost fully booked and a few more portfolios are in discussions!

But most importantly 2007 marks the beginning of blogging and meeting precious co-sojourners on the highway of life like you.

Here’s wishing all my co-sojourners on this highway of life a Blessed Christmas and May 2008 be the most exciting part of your life’s journey and be your best ever yet!

Paragon Xmas tree

This Xmas tree in front of Paragon was rather nice. For more pics on the Orchard lights and decorations, head on down to my other blog.

Conrad Bears

Conrad Hotel imprisoned a bunch of ‘bear-ly’ co-sojourners in a Xmas tree.

Happy Holidays 🙂

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A Million Dollar Opportunity – coming out of someone’s pocket!

I just came back from a Slingers game and boy did I miss the Slingers after more than a month of layoff!

It’s good to meet co-sojourners again, those whom I’ve met through blogging like Jean and Alice, Sheylara and the Goonfather , Andy and Vandalin, Sabrina and MissCel, Daphne and Arzhou, and Jason my long lost pal.

I also met some really cool folks for the first time like Continue reading


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I think Singapore’s traffic is worse than Ho Chi Minh and Taipei!

I just spent a total of 11 days in Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City very recently and boy am I amazed at their traffic!

HCMC Traffic

Ho Chi Minh City

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I met the cutest little babe in Taipei

Here’s a companion I found in the hottest area of Taipei called XiMenDing that’s not your everyday co-sojourner:

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