I met the cutest little babe in Taipei

Here’s a companion I found in the hottest area of Taipei called XiMenDing that’s not your everyday co-sojourner:

Nic and Chip

Here’s more pics in case you think little squirrel here’s a toy (just like I did when I first saw her)

Nic and Chip

Now, she’s so super tame I have no idea why she wears a metal leash..

Nic and Chip

Sky’s got a nice pose with this cute babe too..

Sky and Chip

Little squirrel babe here even understands commands in english like ‘stand’ and ‘sit’!

One more thing …. goldie locks here is not the babe I’m talking about, in case you got confused!

OK ok.. for those of you who feel like I cheated you with the title, here’s a ‘sneak preview’ of the many babes I met in Taipei.

Taipei IT show babes

You can head on down to my tech blog @ CNET where I will be posting up a LOT MORE pics of my Taipei IT show experience (in due time).

Have a great week ahead 🙂

(Signing off from Taipei)



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11 responses to “I met the cutest little babe in Taipei

  1. So cute!!! Can bring her home?? The squirrel of course!

    Ya lor.. so cute hor. Everybody walk past thought it was a doll until I picked her up and caused a big scene in XiMenDing

  2. aww… cute squirrel 🙂

    she can pose and even understands english commands… amazing

  3. Sigh why do I face so much competition…

    There’s more…

  4. ah yes…Taiwan babes and IT shows..it just can’t get any better man..keke…

    Wished I were in Taiwan…~hope my boo doesn’t read this~

    LOL head over to my CNET blog… there’s loads more coming

  5. souvenir!!! hehe! 🙂

    huh? How to bring back?

  6. Stephanie Kok

    ah..the squirrel is more adorable than the real 5 babes!

    LOL … good thing you didn’t say goldie locks!

  7. Ed

    So did you bring that babe home? Haha…

    I wish… LOL

  8. (replying comments from Ho Chi Minh City)

  9. Squirrel cute! Me like!

    Cute babes, hmm… boring! Show me the sexier tech gadgets, eh? 😉


  10. lly316

    That’s hot, lol…

    lol what’s hot?

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