A Million Dollar Opportunity – coming out of someone’s pocket!

I just came back from a Slingers game and boy did I miss the Slingers after more than a month of layoff!

It’s good to meet co-sojourners again, those whom I’ve met through blogging like Jean and Alice, Sheylara and the Goonfather , Andy and Vandalin, Sabrina and MissCel, Daphne and Arzhou, and Jason my long lost pal.

I also met some really cool folks for the first time like Lennie, Nadnut, Aloysius, YK, and Jasmine!


(Picture taken at the end of the match)

It was a really fun night though I lost my voice a few days back and could hardly scream!

Sadly, the Slingers lost to the more aggressive and well-oiled engine of the West Sydney Razorbacks but hey, the bloggers scored a big one tonight coz Lennie had a chance at the million dollar shot preliminaries and he walked away with a cool $500 in cash!

Lennie Money

Well when you have money, you have lotsa friends!

Lennie Cash

And guess what? I heard that everybody who attends a Slingers’ game from now gets to win a chance at that Million Dollar Shot!

Basically when you go to any Slingers game from now you will see the ‘secret question’ for that game which you can then you can register yourself at the million dollar shot site with the right answer to win a chance at the million dollar shot!

Next game is Jan 2nd – tickets available at all SISTIC outlets – more games you attend in Jan ’08, more chances to win that million dollar shot @ the last game of the season on Feb 13th!

This video sums it up best:

Well, since you missed tonight’s game, I’ll give you a hint to tonight’s answer – sshhhh don’t tell anyone!

The answer is a number, and it’s the same number that Michael Jordan wore during his legendary days at the Chicago Bulls!

Okie okie… for those totally clueless about the legendary Jordan, what is 20+3? Hmmm… I think I can’t make it anymore obvious zzz

Go enter the number at the Million Dollar Shot website (for the 19th Dec game) but don’t tell anyone you got the answer here!

So how did Lennie spend his $500? Instead of getting even higher on the tonnes of beer and wine at the Slingers’ game, we decided to skip Lennie’s offer of Brewerks and St James and landed up at MacDonald’s with lotsa food and drinks!

Lennie MacDonald’s

(Lennie took like 25 mins placing orders at the MacDonald’s Queue)

And how is Slingers’ paying for this million dollars one might wonder? Hmm…I heard a group of Slingers supporters have pledged the amount in cash! Woots! I must go get more scoop on that!

In the meantime, have a Slingin’ Xmas and don’t break your arms practising that Million Dollar Shot!



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14 responses to “A Million Dollar Opportunity – coming out of someone’s pocket!

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  3. Len

    Thanks for the opportunity to win some $$$ Nic…and i still think we should have done more drinks at Brewerks or St James!

    Hey you the man.. well since you insist… we can always do it again! haha..

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  5. Nic: thanks for the invite again man..and that hospitality..woah..we felt right at home and had a blast. Finally edited the 2++ shots I took that day..so erm..now in my Flickr if you interested.

    Len: My man!! I missed Macs so I get both Brew and St James eh? wahahaha

    Great photography man… and that comic strip! U da man!

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  9. yo bro, why every time you all go McD ar? No Mos burger meh? go eat some and take some pic for me ler..me miss Mos Burger…

    LOL near the Singapore Indoor Stadium, it’s usually MacD’s or KFC’s lah..

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