Bribing on the Highway – Singaporean Version

I wrote about bribing on the Malaysian highways earlier. This is the Singaporean version, from ‘Today’ : 

A CEMENT mixer driver tried to beat a traffic rap by offering a police officer a $50 bribe – and ended up being jailed for six weeks.

The court heard that on Nov 6, Staff Sergeant Niaz Mohamed of the Traffic Police had spotted Lim Leong Hai, 57, driving his heavy vehicle along the Tampines Expressway without a valid driving permit.

The driver tried to weasel his way out of a ticket by offering the staff sergeant “kopi money” (translated to coffee money).

Despite the officer’s warnings, he made repeated advances, even taking out his wallet to produce a $50 note.Staff Sergeant Niaz seized the money and arrested him. District Judge Jasvender Kaur said it was the norm for the court to impose jail time on those who try to bribe law officers, and that six weeks was the least she could mete out.

But a teary-eyed Lim tried to talk his way out of trouble again: He appealed to the court for a fine, claiming he was not thinking straight as he “was pre-occupied with family problems”.

The judge did not buy his excuse.

He could have been jailed for up to five years and fined up to $100,000.

A spokesperson for the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau said it had dealt with three cases of motorists trying to bribe officers this year.

Separately, on Dec 18, Foo Kwong Wah was charged with soliciting $300 to $500 as an incentive to act as a witness to a road accident.

A pre-trial conference has been arranged for Jan 3. – Zul Othman

Hmmm.. someone said probably $50 was not enough?



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2 responses to “Bribing on the Highway – Singaporean Version

  1. Ed

    Nice job. Officers like that makes me proud of them.

    LOL not becoz $50 was not enough?

  2. mmm… so that means we are not as bribe-able like the ones up north? :X

    hahaha… from the looks of it yes!

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