Co-sojourners and India

I just came back from almost a week in Mumbai and I must say I’ve had a lot of interesting experiences with Indian co-sojourners recently!

First of all, a very close co-sojourner got married last Christmas in what must be Singapore’s grandest wedding of 2007:

ash and simran

Congrats again to Ash and Simran 🙂 You are blessed truly!

And yours truly donned a turban for the grand affair :

Nic in turban

And then I was off to Mumbai (but forgot to bring my turban!):

Nic in Mumbai

(in front of the gateway of India)

Where traffic was absolutely crazy:

Mumbai traffic

And I think some drivers too:


(Some Indians like to drive with their boot wide open)

But they do have interesting means of transport:

Horse Carriage

As crazy as it is, I must say I’m very impressed with the Indian drivers and at least you can flag a cab down anywhere, anytime, unlike Singapore.

My highway is set on much more interesting experiences in India and with Indian co-sojourners this year!

Hey restaurants in India are awesome!

Indian Crabs

Indian Restaurant

And so are the ridiculously expensive hotels!

Taj Hotel Mumbai

(Taj Hotel Mumbai)

UPDATE Nov 2008 : Many readers came into this post following the absolutely horrible terror attack on the Taj Hotel and surrounding areas. I wonder what has happened to the gateway of India 😦 Anyways, I’m due to be back in Mumbai next month but looks like the plans will have some changes now. Please pray for the poor victims.

My room in Hotel Kohinoor:

HOtel Kohinoor

(Costs more than U$200 after corporate discounts – Rack rates are at least double! zzz)

In the meanwhile, a little bit more on my Mumbai experience on CNET Asia here.



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8 responses to “Co-sojourners and India

  1. athena

    Glad you had a good time in Mumbai. Love the photos and comments you posted- almost enticed me to go visit there again 🙂 but the Bombay I have memories of was stinky and crowded and desperately tugged at my heartstrings as I saw utter poverty and hardship all around. What IS amazing though, is the people’s resilience and good humour in every situation- hats off to them for that. Hindustan Zindabad! Long live India!

    Yes totally agreed, they take everything with such humour indeed! Thanks for visiting Athena!

  2. that is where the pic of you and the turban came from…

    So like is this one of those weddings that you dance into the wee hours in the morning? coz if it is…that is so wicked awesome man..keke 😛

    Yeah.. it was ONE of those weddings 🙂

  3. Awesome Pics 🙂
    Love the turban…suits u to a T! Make it a permanent attraction man! 😛

    Mumbai is truly a wonderful city, spent a good 2 over weeks there, but around Bollywood stars area…so not much poverty to see. That said, India is a land of great contrasts, highly recommend everyone to visit. Incredible India I say!

    Yeah agreed about India. For the perma attraction.. well..

  4. hey… cool blogs you have. though i am abit confused as to where i should be leaving my comments hheee..

    you look v.different with and without glasses.

    i did briefly went thru some of your entries..particularly the taiwan trip ones.. lol. I saw that little squirrel too..and yah! hehe. i was at XMD too and pity i didnt get a shot with the cutie.

    Hey Eileen, thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comments 🙂 Yeah I noticed most people passed by the XMD cutie until I gave the man some money he persuaded me to take some pics and it was all over, everybody started to swarm the poor little squirrel!

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  6. Yes, for the thousands of you reading in because of the Mumbai Terror attacks – actually I’m supposed to be back in Mumbai next month.

    The photos here of Taj hotel and gateway of India are the same places under terror siege right now. Please pray for the poor victims.

  7. saw taj pictures here

    As Muslim terrorists destroy India’s grand temples, works of art built on grand scale that come from heart and mind, Hindus will keep building them, this has been the case since Islam invaded old India since around 600AD, but lost lives cannot be brought back. The destruction still continues to this day. I suppose all of this is how it is planned by the great force up there. I am so sorry that I did not visit India and stayed at this hotel, probably it cannot be restored.

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