Man found dead at his home computer terminal

Came across this shocking news thanks to Nadnut. Thing is, this is rather strange to me as I play a bit of Defense of the Ancient and can’t really see any strong reasons why this would happen. He is not even a ‘hardcore’ gamer. Anyway it seems much more related to his personal health than the game cause he even passed out playing Mahjong online?

Carolyn Quek
Thu, Feb 14, 2008

A 20-YEAR-OLD unemployed man was found dead slumped over his computer at home on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Ong Yi Biao was alone at home that day, and had logged onto his computer at about 11am to play the game, Defence of the Ancients.

When his 14-year-old sister returned to their Geylang Bahru rental flat at about 4pm, she found him slumped in his chair.

On Tuesday night, Mr Ong had fainted in front of the same computer, said his grieving mother. She said she was teaching him how to play mahjong on the Internet when he passed out for about a minute. She did not say if medical attention was sought then.

Mr Ong’s sister on Thursday told reporters at the mortuary that her brother had been playing computer game with eight other players.

While the game would usually take about an hour to complete, Mr Ong had only played for about 12 minutes, she said.

Mr Ong’s 50-year-old mother said that he was her eldest son and she had bought him the game after he completed his national service last September.

He was not an avid gamer, his family said, and would not spend more than two hours at a stretch on the computer.

He had a medical history of asthma but his condition had been stable and he was not on any medication for it.

His family added that Mr Ong, who dropped out of school at Secondary Three, had planned to to take up a computer course at a private school.

Anyways, it is a rather sad and strange way to end your journey on the highway of life. Can almost be compared to a major highway accident. God bless his family may they find comfort and peace.



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2 responses to “Man found dead at his home computer terminal

  1. Now that’s freaky, I wonder if I will ever suffer in such a way since I am probably on my computer the whole day due to my work and my leisure activities.

    The guy passed out even for 1 hour of Mahjong on the computer. I doubt it’s any thing to do with the computer or the games. Probably more due to his personal health.

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