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America – Towards a future of no discrimination?

In the recent debacle where Clinton released videos of Obama‘s pastor Jeremy Wright making racist speeches, instead of just allowing the controversy to die down and move on, Obama tackled the issue head on (in Philadelphia) in what must be one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve heard, and totally off-the-cuff too!

Check it out :

Loved the way Continue reading



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Trojan on Nuffnang Ads?

This popped up on my screen 10 mins ago when I was visiting nadnut‘s blog (a fellow co-sojourner met through this highway of life) :

nuffnang trojan

(Click on image to enlarge and zoom in to read the popup message) 

Hmmm.. looks like a trojan on nuffnang?

My, what will happen to the thousands of blogs on Asia’s first blog advertising network?


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Singapore Slingers – Traditional media does it again?

OK this is not a typical post you will find on this highway. But traditional media does it again, and I guess using new media as a response would be a good way?
A few days ago, the Straits Times managed to publish a sentence from an one-hour-long NBL CEO speech taken totally out of context and came to the conclusion that the Slingers will get axed in the next season!??

Found on the Straits Times Mar 12, 2008: Continue reading


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Blog advertising is like outdoor advertising on vehicles?

This blog is about reflections of life through lessons/parallels learnt from the highway (or the road).

And I just had this reflection recently about outdoor advertising on vehicles and how it has some similarities to blog advertising.


Companies place out ads on cars or vans like this because it’s an outdoor advertising media that gets you lots of exposure, for a relatively low price compared to say TV commercials or newspaper ads. However, Continue reading


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