America – Towards a future of no discrimination?

In the recent debacle where Clinton released videos of Obama‘s pastor Jeremy Wright making racist speeches, instead of just allowing the controversy to die down and move on, Obama tackled the issue head on (in Philadelphia) in what must be one of the most inspiring speeches I’ve heard, and totally off-the-cuff too!

Check it out :

Loved the way he chose not to distant himself from his pastor which he could have conveniently done, and brought up painful examples of racism past and still present in modern America.

Which kind of brings me back to the highway :

How many times have we discriminated other drivers based on the car they drive?

Whether it is a small, old broken car, or a shimmering brand new Lexus?

Whether by making loud and rude comments about it, or just keeping it silently in your heart?

Some food for thought inspired by Obama.

Will we see the dawn of a new era in the US just like we’ve seen in Malaysia and Taiwan over the past few weeks?

Have a great week ahead!



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2 responses to “America – Towards a future of no discrimination?

  1. I’m guessing one of the reason for cell groups is to have church members who actively discuss pastor’s sermon instead of having church members who just accept pastor’s sermon.

    I’m guessing having this view (that pastor’s sermon can be discussed/argued/disputed) makes it possible for Obama to feel unshaken.

    hmmm.. not every pastor likes to have their sermons being discussed and debated by their church members though

  2. Ed

    If Singapore’s election is of such depth and clarity I think I will be highly impressed. Spare me the “remember what he or they have done long ago” crap.

    On that cell issue, well I have a first hand experience of being kicked out of a church because I contested the Sabbath deficit. It becomes a form of dictatorship, except that it’s on a smaller scale in churches compared to politics.

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