My Co-sojourners I

I was just reviewing some of the photos on my HTC Touch Cruise and Canon S80 and thought it’s about time to upload them.

These are random photos of co-sojourners I meet as I go about my daily activities so I decided to start this regular (hopefully!) series of photos of co-sojourners I meet in my daily life.

After all, who knows when (if ever) our paths will cross again?

First of all, photos from Ogilvy’s Open Room event :

nadnut promoting RedBull

nadnut promoting Redbull?

Intel notebook

A guy from Intel showing off his Intel notebook. He didn’t introduce himself, guess this is what the bloggers were talking about – companies not knowing how to mix with bloggers? Anyways, this laptop is interesting, looks like an OLPC (One laptop per child) project, but I have no idea what Intel calls it, cause this representative couldn’t tell me clearly as well, just said that it was Intel’s design, white-labelled to other brands.

Elim Chew

Well, actually I met quite a few companies, slightly better off than some of the other bloggers I guess. I bumped into Elim Chew of 77th Street, one of Singapore’s most celebrated entrepreneur, considered an old acquaintance and co-sojourner – I spoke alongside her in her own event more than 3 years back. Time flies!

Nokia N96

I met some of the folks from Nokia as well and tried my hands on the new N96. Hey, shouldn’t I be showing these gadgets on my CNET blog instead?

John Bell

I also chatted with the speaker of the night, John Bell from Ogilvy and he spoke about an Ogilvy’s code of ethics in reaching out to bloggers. Very interesting, more on that next time!

Darren Ng, once voted South Australia’s top basketball player, signed by the Singapore Slingers!

Darren Ng

Darren Ng

Seen here posing with Hillary who just started her CNET Asia blog on green tech!

Darren’s so amazing! He’s a mercurial player who broke our ranks twice last season here in Singapore much to the amazement of the local crowd – how can an asian do so well in the NBL? Thank God he’s on our side this coming season!

Darren’s also down to earth and real nice to hang out with! Look out for him in Slinger’s next season coming up in Sept ’08 together with Sam Harris (gonna be the tallest player in the league @ 2.21metres) and our latest signing Jayson Castro, a 2-time MVP from Philippines!

jason and sara-ann

2 co-sojourners Jason and Sara-Ann also met up with Darren together.

More on Darren, Sam and Jayson next time!

baby enzo

baby enzo

Meet baby Enzo, he must be the most amazing baby I’ve seen to date coz these photos were taken less than 24 hours from him entering this world and he was already looking around, fidgeting, trying to get out of his cot, responding to us, etc. What can I say? Simply amazing baby, a co-sojourner too, from whom I expect great things from in the future 🙂 Welcome to the world, baby Enzo!


Still on the topic of interesting co-sojourners, meet Vodka – your friendly neighbourhood rug!


Some co-sojourners (recognise the gal in the picture?) and I were at Singapore Dance Theatre‘s latest production (end of March), Giselle in the Park. More on that interesting production soon!

giselle in the park

Too many pictures and stories to tell in one post, more coming soon coz there’s lot more pics I downloaded from my HTC Touch Cruise and Canon S80!

Meanwhile, how I can sign off on a post like this without showing you my closest co-sojourner Kero?


Have a great week ahead!



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3 responses to “My Co-sojourners I

  1. Lol where is Vodka from? Kero looks angry that you’re taking its picture.

    I dunno, must ask Vodka’s owner. Not sure if I’d ever this co-sojourner again?

  2. wallao u blogged everything into one post…..!!

    OK i need to blog abt darren soon. *swoons*

    LOL there’s much more to blog about, Part II coming soon! Akan Datang!

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