My Co-sojourners II

A quick follow-up on the previous post comes part II !

Mike Zhan

My Winning Eleven nemesis and star-wannabe Mike!

Adrin Loi

Adrin Loi (left), Executive Chairman of famous local coffee chain Ya Kun Int’l. Had a really nice chat 🙂
Too bad this pic was a little blur with my HTC Touch Cruise.

htc touch cruise

There, my trusted HTC Touch Cruise, although it’s not 100%, it’s still my sturdy co-sojourner and definitely my best PDA phone to date!


People always wonder about my work, sometimes I find myself wondering too!
Quite a rare picture (coz security’s usually very high), here’s an authorised glimpse (from last week) into what helps pay the bills :p
I thought it’s a rather nice picture of ‘co-sojourners’ coz these SIM cards come together for a short time and then go their separate ways for good. Once in a while though, you’ll get back ‘in touch’ 🙂 (the shot was deliberately taken from further back so that you can’t tell the telco)


Just like these trolleys from our Changi Airport’s latest Terminal 3 : co-sojourners too in a way! Good thing is they are together more often than they are separated, and their ‘lifespan’ together is quite long!


nicole @ the HP Mini event

china club

Amazing view from the China Club where I met some really interesting co-sojourners

ho kwon ping

Ho Kwon Ping of Banyan Tree launching an interesting book about our Singaporean forefathers @ the NLB POD.

razer lachesis

A newfound co-sojourner, the Razer Lachesis 🙂


A really old co-sojourner Eugene whom I bumped into at an IT show.

Think he was featured in some reality TV show :p

OK, that’ll be all for this post, till the next part of the series!


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