China Earthquake : a 9-year-old’s recount

My heart goes out to China especially the earthquake victims as I watched the nation mourn and wail on CNN yesterday in my hotel room in Bangkok.

This came into my inbox today from a friend in China :

One of the stories was about a little boy, he’s 9 years old. When the earthquake just started, the school building started to crash, he was buried, together with other 39 kids in his class. The interview was in the hospital, and he’s very calm when he was talking about what happened days ago.

He said , “I saw 2 of my classmates were right next to me, so I crawled, and crawled, I dragged one, carried him on my back, and crawled out, gave him to the school president,the president gave him to his mom, I went back, held the other one,came out, gave her to the president too.”

The reporter asked him, “how come you can take them out? do you have enough strength?”


That’s all that he answered.

” weren’t you hurt also, your arm was hurt, didn’t you feel hurt?”

” I was not hurt earlier, it got hurt when I went back to carry her.”

I was shocked, indeed shocked, can’t think of a single word to describe.

The report went on telling,” there were only 10 other kids from that class survived, this 9-year old boy saved 2 of those. But the little boy lost his parents, don’t know if they are still alive, but it has been 7 days, they can’t get hold of them at all. Right after the earthquake, his older sister took him and their little sister walked to another town trying to survive”

“Weren’t the road all destroyed? How did you guys leave the village?”
“There’s a small canal”
” You left through the little road on the mountain?”
“How long did you three walk?”

“more than 7 hours”

My friend’s thoughts :

I have to say, this is beyond what I thought about courage and love. And in this little boy, I see an incomparable strength that I almost forgot about. He was not crying at all, you can see the bruise and scratches on his face, his left arm is “sealed” with plaster cast. I don’t know if he gets the whole point of what just happened to him and his family, but I see something so precious that reminded me of a truth – there’s hope, because God is always there.

What a heart warming story of co-sojourners. I hope this story has moved your heart as it has moved my friend’s and mine.

There’s also news that there will be another round of the after shocks. Some of them could be as strong as the earthquake that happened last week. The evacuation has already started. And cities around are trying to prepare as much room as they can to take them in.

There’s many more thoughts I have about this whole disaster but I shall leave them for later as I’m in Bangkok rushing on a client’s project.

Please pray for China.



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2 responses to “China Earthquake : a 9-year-old’s recount

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  2. John Liew

    Courage and strength rising from tragedy. May the earthquake survivors be comforted and cared for in all ways.

    Yes John, indeed. And from the aftershocks.

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