I’ve been sleeping with the cutest babe..

Yes, it’s time to come clean coz I haven’t really introduced this co-sojourner to you all this while. It’s about time I introduce to you my closest and cutest babe whom I’ve been sleeping with all this while, way cuter than the one I met in Ximending Taipei last year :


Please meet Kero (Khoo). She’s a real sweetie and it always amazes me how she tucks herself comfortably into bed right beside me.


And she must think she’s human…


I still remember when she first came at only 1-mth old, she knew how to open sliding doors and pick up phone calls, even wind down my car windows.. way smarter than us human babies!!


And she really knows how to communicate with us and understand exactly what each one of us mean when we talk to her..


Did I mention that I love to tell her bedtime stories?

More of these photos on my facebook here 🙂



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16 responses to “I’ve been sleeping with the cutest babe..

  1. Ha! I thought it was someone else wor! LOL!

    Cute dog!

    LOL @ Claudia… ssshhhh… Kero’s sleeping. Don’t let her know you called her a dog. She thinks she’s human

  2. Precious approves?!?

    Hahaha… Precious who?

  3. oh my gosh.. she’s SOOO cute=)

    and she has a pair of soulful looking eyes… @.@

    Oh this babe definitely has a soul in there I tell you 🙂 more than that methinks she actually has brains haha

  4. that is one cute doggie u have there many brudder..

    LOL thanks brudder 🙂

  5. Hor!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t let Precious catch you!


  6. *loads her rifle gun*

    o.O good thing she only has the toy gun I bought her 2 xmas ago

  7. awwwwww. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    LOL! awwww…

  8. She sure is cute!!!

    Thanks, and she’s sleeping with ME! hehe

  9. how come ur comments get smaller n smaller? i can hardly see what im typing! my gosh.

    Isit? LOL isit your computer? Looks fine over here leh..

  10. Awww what a cutie… my heart is melting.. help! You HAVE TO INTRODUCE US!!!!

    LOL! No! MY BABE!! hehe

  11. she looks like she’s so comfy in there… cute!

    Heh of course she is comfy… she stole my comforter!!

  12. keycanada

    damage attempt. done it. now now that day. we just scissors suggested to dine up to


  13. ok it really was jus my computer.. it appeared like with each comment, the font got smaller n smaller. really, sumpah, not lying!!

    but ok. no screenshot, so no evidence…

    oh well..

    anyway. kero is so cute. got curly hair one.. hahaha.

    Heheh… yeah curly wurly!!

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  15. Fwahrao eh! Si beh cute ah!

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