Talking about cute babes

You know, since my posts on cute babes have been extremely popular, I decided to go for a part III 🙂

I’ve talked about squirrels and my favorite doggie, how about some really really cute babes whom I’ve had the chance to meet as through blogging as fellow co-sojourners?

Sometime back, a friend and I talking about the local blogging scene noted that most of the posts that struck us or posts that our topics revolved around came from one blogger, a very cute one for that matter :

Yes, Meet Qiaoyun a.k.a. Sheylara. WARNING : DON’T go to her blog. I repeat, DON’T go to her blog.

You end up laughing yourself silly and totally hooked to it.

Which explains why she’s been nominated as one of the most entertaining blogs in Singapore.

Go Go vote for her, just requires a simple email and password and you can vote daily!

While you are at it, look out for the Best Blog Shop by another cute babe whom I’m never met in person.

She’s so cute and sexy she has stayed elusive from the public eye so this may be the best picture we have of her :

The sexy maths tutor Celine Loi of 五大超级补习天王天后 (lit. The Five Heavenly Super Tutors) fame

Go vote for her under the Best Blog Shop category!

Celine has put together a dummy’s guide to voting for her here.

For the rest of you wondering what I’ve been up to, I’m on a new religion and playing tonnes of basketball.


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3 responses to “Talking about cute babes

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  2. Thanks for your kind words! I’m very honoured!! 🙂

    And yes! I support Miss Loi, too! Miss Loi all the way!! 🙂

  3. Psss … psss … I’ve got hundreds (if not thousands) of very very very sexy exclusive pictures of the second cute girl. Muahahaha …

    P.S. Thank you so much for the plug 😀 I really need all the support in my titanic battle against the teapots!

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